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    Hi well it was just a thought but have we Ozi's any place to aim our talk at other Ozi's or interested others.

    I live in Winmalee NSW (Blue Mountains) anyone nearby want to jam.
    Im 52 & have been playing 3.5 years & dont really care what i play so long as it cooks!


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    I live in Brisbane, which is a fair trot from Winmalee and a bit further to Geelong where our other Aussie mate lives, so distance probably rules out the occasional jam. I met a few guitar players through the Weekend Warriors band program run by Ellaways Music up here, and met a keyboard player who was good at jazz standards and it was great to play stuff like Autumn Leaves, Satin Doll and Moonglow for a while, but he has moved on now.

    Depending on your boundaries for nearby, you might have some luck finding someone to play with through your local music stores, maybe as far down as Penrith. There is a Weekend Warriors program in Sydney, which can be an effective way to meet other Baby Boomer musos but perhaps more into rock than jazz.

    Anyway, I'm interested in talking with others in the land down under about jazz and guitars.

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    I live in Blacktown but I've got no car - unless I pay the Govt $3000 in fines i owe them. How far up the hill is Winmalee? Got a station?

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    Hi Banksia Tha station closest is Springwood, which is a 7km bus ride from Winmalee. (as an aside i used to live in Banksia)
    I can relate to the $3000 in fines. I just got my liscence back after 7 years , oh well 27 points will do that LOL. Oh do you know you can enter into deals to pay with them, i found them relativly easy to deal with, & now have my liscence when in reality i thought i'd never get it back again cause i never get the fine money together in one hit.

    Hi Bunyip great to hear from a banana bender (no insult intended)

    Quote Originally Posted by Bunyip
    There is a Weekend Warriors program in Sydney, which can be an effective way to meet other Baby Boomer musos but perhaps more into rock than jazz.
    I dont know anything about the weekend warriors any links you can give me?
    Veni Vidi Vici

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    Hello Richard

    You can try this link for Weekend Warriors in Sydney - if the music store in Alexandria is still involved: Weekend Warriors : There is nothing like playing in a band...

    There is a forum: weekendwarriors :: Index

    Not much activity lately on the forum, it is basically a Brisbane one but there have been some posts from Sydney.

    I googled "jazz guitarists in Katoomba" or something like that and there seems to be a lot of musicians in your general area, maybe worth a try to contact a few and see what happens.

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    I am at the Gold Coast. I don't have any fines but my car seems not to start as of yesterday... I am sure it can be revived. I would classify myself as a beginner in jazz guitar. I haven't really learned many standards yet since I am still working on chords and relatively basic theory. I want to be able to understand the music I am playing as opposed to just learning songs from tab. However, jamming with someone once and a while would be good if anyone is interested.

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    I live in Adelaide but sadly, dont drive a car

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    Welcome to the forum anyway Josh.

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    I've just joined the group, & live in Merimbula on the south coast of NSW

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    Hello fellow aussie pickers. I'm at the other end in Townsville and find a similar problem in getting others to play with.

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    Hi all RobSM Hi & welcomeIm from Winmalee in the blue mtns near Sydney. Same story hear r.e. nobody wants to play with me LOL
    Veni Vidi Vici

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    Hi, I'm from Coffs Harbour, been playing about 35 years. Cut my teeth in Brisbane.
    There is no jazz scene here to speak of. When the tourists are in town some places put on 'beer garden jazz'
    I have a regular jam with a great tenor/clarinet player, so that keeps my comping skills up.
    I can't travel too far as my wife is really sick, and depends on me for everything.

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    wow Harry sorry to hear about the missus but great to hear you are playing regular
    Veni Vidi Vici

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    Weekend Warriors is great, but it does have a blues/rock sort of vibe. Well worth it if you want to do the band thing and don't mind a bit of hard work. Absolutely no jazz involved however...

    I am from Sydney and am just starting out in jazz. Got the Mickey Baker book and am slowly working through it, along with my sight-reading skills. Lots of work to do yet before I could even call myself a beginner!

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    Welcome to the forum WW. I live in Blacktown and I've been playing for a while so if you need any help let me know.

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    Thanks Banksia, will do.

    I am actually just down the road in Winston Hills!

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    I'm from Australia, DARWIN home of petrol sniffing and other cool things like that.

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    Hi guys,

    I'm from Melbourne. Loving this site. It's good for inspiration and a few of the ideas have been changing my practice schedule.

    Would love to jam but it seems like everyone is all over the country...

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    Hi from Broken Hill,
    Sorry guys cant help anyone with a jam session as I dont live near anything. Not too many players here let alone anyone into Jazz. Most of what I've learnt is from websites like this or just sitting down and trying to work it out myself. I'm interested in this Mickey Baker book, sounds like it is woth a read. I'm going to Adelaide for a swim in March so I might check out music shops down there. Our local shop took 4 months to get me the second vol of the real book! things go slow around here.


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    Hi fellow Aussies This is my first post. 59years old and still trying to play the damn thing!! Been teaching for a few years and do the occassional gig.Written a few songs that nobody likes!! and do a radio show on Sunshine FM 104.9 Sunshine Coast QLD. Just wanted to say gidday cheers Paul

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    Hey guys I'm new on this forum. I am 19 and in Melbourne.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisg View Post
    Hey guys I'm new on this forum. I am 19 and in Melbourne.
    Hi Chris welcome to the site . Its a great place to meet people and get advice . What sort of gear are you using? cheers Paul

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul Fagan View Post

    Hi Chris welcome to the site . Its a great place to meet people and get advice . What sort of gear are you using? cheers Paul
    Cheers Paul, At the moment my main gear is an Ulbrick amp and Crossley Guitar. I'm not sure if anyone on here has heard of either of those two but they are both locally made and absolutely top notch. I have used the exact same rig for jazz, rock, blues and funk gigs and it does just as good job on each.

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    Hi gang. I'm in Sydney. Long-time jazz fan, but only recently started bringing jazz into my guitar playing. Now I feel like I'm finally finding my musical voice.

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    Hello 5bells. I live in Blacktown. Been playing for a long time, although it isn't always reflected in my playing. Welcome to the board.

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    From Geelong here been playing for a long time too, unfortunitly its never reflected in my playing but what the hell I love it...

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    Thanks for the welcome Banksia.

    If you and WW and/or the Blue Mtns guys would like to meet some time for a drink and a yarn, or even better to go see a gig, let's try to make it happen.

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    Hi Folks.....Im new here too....and Im about 150 km's east of Melbourne..(just thought I'd say G'day !!) Cheers

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    Hi McOzDudes,
    Me I am 60 and in Canberra, Love Jazz/Blues and play guitar and neck-rack. I am looking for a Harp player interested in Blues to make a duo.
    Hot dogAustralians Out There-charlie-jpg

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    Hi fellow Aussies,
    I am from (Nth) Sydney and play (badly) a bit of bass, guitar and tenor sax. Would like to find some people to jam with, despite my limited skills. I am working on a couple of TrueFire courses if I have time and also use BIAB quite a bit.
    Cheers, b.

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    Hello all. I'm on the Central Coast and am taking lessons at the local Con.

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    Phillip Islander here

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    Hi Guys,

    Live in Sydney nice to meet you all here.

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    I'm down in Hobart, Tasmania.

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    oh entresz that just made me think of one of my favourite Weddings Parties Anything songs, the Tale They Won't Believe:

    And I said, right there's another one, don't you frown,
    Chew the meat and hold it down,
    It's a tale they won't believe,
    When I get down to Hobart town

    I bet Weddings never thought they would be mentioned on a Jazz Guitar forum.

    ps I am from Melbourne.
    “When you’re creating your own ...., man, even the sky ain’t the limit.”
    Miles Davis

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    Hey, entresz. Hows the scene in Hobart. I was down a few years ago. A friend from school plays tenor and working as a public servant. I met Glen Hodges and seen tom vincent play. My wife wants me to consider moving back to australia but i would like to go somewhere where there was a decent scene or at least people willing to get together and play. Unfortunately our summer holiday is in June-July, so it was a bit disheartening to see shops closing at 6pm in hobart during winter. I coudnt find any jam sessions, but i thought something must happen since glenn runs his jazz course at the con. Where do people play?


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    Hi Jazzism!

    It's a small world. Glen Hodges was my teacher when I was at the Conservatorium. He is great. The scene down here is pretty small, but there's a surprising amount of talent for such a small place. There used to be a jam session every month, but that stopped a couple of years ago... the venue wasn't interested in hosting it any more. I get a bit of work here and there, still manage to get about 2 gigs per week. There's a few bars around the Salamanca area that sometimes have music, the Casino still puts music on... they're the main areas I end up playing.

    It's funny- shops in Hobart close at 6pm pretty much all year. On a Sunday, more like 4pm.