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    I'd swear I posted this somewhere before, but at THIS LOCATION I made a forum directed toward this subject.

    It is brand new, and geared towards those who are not looking for money, but rather just need people to play with.

    Please check out the site, join, make recommendations - and ultimately help make this a success.

    As far as I know there is no other site directed towards this. There are many site directed towards musicians for hire, bands, etc. - but nothing for us folks who just want to make a call, and arrange a jam session.
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    Good idea. I've been thinking about doing this locally here in the Detroit area after an amazing response to a Craig's List ad looking for another guitarist to jam with a couple times each month. Seems there are a lot more of "us" out there than is readily apparent.

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    Well, if you like - I will add a section for Michigan, and more specifically the Detroit area. Sound good?
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    Well, I went ahead and made the forum anyway, figuring it couldn't hurt.

    On a side note, I made a more private forum, where after they post several times, a set of sheet music forums become available. Of course -- since the site is new, there's really no sheet music yet. But it will happen in all good time
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    Ok - thank you!

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    Nice gesture - I registered and all but am not allowed to post.

    Thanks though.

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    bah, growing pains -- lemme fix that

    I messed with a setting that made so I had to personally approve members. I fixed that, so now people can just sign up and post.

    ** Also, please tell me if there are any things you want me to add/change etc. because I want the board to be successful, and one component of that is to deliver interesting content in conjunction with the whole musicians meeting musicians thing.

    Since I am a savvy web designer, I am capable of doing quite a lot.
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    Thanks for the information...just registered on your site!

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    Hi GravyTrain,

    I just registered for your board but I don't seem to be able to login to it.

    Forget the pick! Fingers FOREVER!!!

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    Dunno what's wrong then. Well, -- you're free to hang out there, but I kind of lost motivation for dealing the complexities of a site dedicated to help musicians find others to play music with when I found that something like that already exists on the Ultimate-guitar website.

    UG Community @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com - powered by vBulletin

    Even though that site is pretty much dedicated to rock and heavy metal. Technologically I can do it (apparently not very well though if people still can't register ), but I think it would require a lot more time and effort than I have --- a failed idea with good intent!

    Perhaps something like that here or on another BIG site would be more successful? Not sure.
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    I like your idea (I even suggested another site on another post)
    given this digital age,
    HOW about making one where we can help each-other out
    in our recordings/productions?

    For example, I really wanted an acoustic bass on one of my songs...
    Where the heck do I go to find them? in a classical Environment downtown? Would tehy be able to improvise to my just chords and just record a decent track in a couple of takes?
    Well, with this site I foudn one in NYC (I live in Italy at present) and within a couple of days I had a first take which I really liked...

    don't get bogged diwn with too sophisticated software ideas (the one I mentioned do have some extras but don't work very well at all).
    IMHO we just need a web site where the introduction and the networking has to be the focus...
    where goruping can be cerated quickly or searched quickly etc etc.
    geographical nearness is only a detail for live performances...

    I hope this may help you and inspire you!


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    Hey, if anyone is still reading this thread, I can't access your website gravyTrain... I've tried a couple times and I'm still not having much luck...

    It isn't anything to do with my web browser (from a software side of things) cause mine's super-efficient!

    Is there any other way that I could access your site?

    Please give me a shout if you have any ideas!

    tuneful regards,

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    This is an area im constantly getting frustratedf with.
    I have posted on so so so many sites (especially U.G.) for a jamming partner/s without as much as a nibble. The only responses ive had are to tell me Im not in their age group (what the hell does age have to do with playing) Im 52 years old just turning 19 if you get my drift.
    So what is the possability of an Australian's out there section?

    Veni Vidi Vici

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    do you record and arrange music?
    I have a couple of jazz ballads I need help with...



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    Zeem Sorry Mate, while I do have a couple of programs that would do the job (Band in a Box & Guitar Pro 5) i do not feel i have the experiance , having only 3 years playing, to either record or arrange anything other than what is mine. This isnt meant as a put off just my honest apprasial of my talents at this stage.
    Veni Vidi Vici

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    No Prob. mate
    talk to you later.
    All the best with your musician collaboration...
    it's tough I must say.
    I have just found a bassplayer in UK and a rapper in US for my heavy-metal tracks :-)

    I have tried many sites as you say... some just want too much money; some are real beginners (nothing against them)...
    perhaps we should build a site with these and other categories & caracteristics so that people will maych up...
    perhaps I'll talk to a DAting agency :-)
    it looks like it will be easier

    take care and happy new year

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    Dating agency software would be the go I reckon. good call there are so many variables.

    Though really, what is it about us muso's ? On the one hand we make our 'art' , the very fact that we make noise with our art , says we want to be heard. But on the other hand we are very retesent to meet other likeminded people, yet we crave just that. go figure

    Is it fear,
    : of the unknown
    : of failure
    : of judgement
    : of bearing the soul through art in front of others.
    or just procrastination.
    Veni Vidi Vici