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    I just moved here from Chicago. Anyone know some place to play or someone who wants to play??


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    Boston is about an hour drive lots going on there.
    No, I'm not going to give you the answer to your question. I don't want to deny you the pleasure you'll receive when you figure it out yourself. -- Bill Evans talking to his brother.

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    Oh yeah!!!!!!! Just what the Docbop ordered!

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    Check out the Sidebar in downtown Providence, some jazz activity there.

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    Thank you, Ron!!

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    I used to live in RI and there are a some great players in the area.

    Joe Potenza runs weekly jazz gigs at Aspire in the Hotel Providence. Each week he pulls together some of the best players in the area for that gig (Greg Abate, Dan Morretti, Duke Robillard). Joe is one of the best bass players I've played with, definitely check him out. Find him on facebook.

    There is also jazz at ROI The ROI Food & Music Restaurant Providence RI. And a Jam Session at Roots - The Roots Cultural Center, 276 Westminster Street.

    John Allmark Big BAnd is ay Bovi's every Monday (Bovi's Tavern). Also Chans in Woonsocket brings in some good music throughout year.

    AS220 is a great place to meet artists in Providence. Several years ago, Hal Crook & Mick Goodrick used to gig there on Tuesday nights. That was a while ago, but something may have filled that slot since.

    Good luck.

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    Woo hoo!!! Thanks! I already checked out Allmark's band at Bovi's, and man, they are KILLIN'!!!
    My son told me about the jam at Roots, and I'm going there tomorrow.

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    +1 for Ryoboplicity.
    Rhode Island is a great place for jazz. Newport Festival, Chan's in Woonsocket (does it still exist?) and plenty of other venues. Greg Abate hails from there, if i'm not mistaken, and most of the big names make a swing thru Providence - i caught Tal Farlow, Tuck Andress, Art Farmer, Dave McKenna, and the greatest encore i've ever seen: Sun Ra & his Arkestra leading the entire audience in a long snaking rhumba line through Roger Williams Park at night to the tune of "Zip-a-Dee Doo Dah".

    Also, it's a small state, so for gigs you never have to drive far...

    (plus, the Portuguese food... and the beaches... heck, i'll come up and jam with you, jseaberry!)

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    Come on up, Tommy!!!! Plus, you can help me unpack all these boxes and bins!!! Just kidding!!
    The movers were drooling over my guitars, though......I better stay close to the house for a while.

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    Well........I went by the Roots Jam last night and had a HELLACIOUS good time!!! We burned some Ozone for sure!!! Some fine, fine musicians here in Providence!!! I'm gonna be in good hands!

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    Glad to hear you had good time.