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    I'm looking for someone to jam, write with and learn from. I've been playing for about 18 years, though I'd still consider myself an amateur when it comes to playing jazz. I have recording equipment as well. I don't care about skill level, just someone to jam with, bounce ideas around, work on tunes, practice scales, whatever.

    I'm located in Hunterdon County, some nearby towns are Flemington, Clinton, Whitehouse and Somerville.


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    Same here i'm in Essex county

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    I am from Lebanon Borough..... but I suspect I am a much older gentleman than you since I am in my retirement years... and don't imagine younger players want to play with the old guy.
    Either way good luck on your quest and your playing.

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    Im in Mercer County, Just off rt31.
    Im old,new to playing music, devoid of talent.

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    hslilly - are you down by Lamberville or closer to Trenton?

    KennyH - I've played with older guys before, age doesn't matter to me at all (I'm 27 by the way), so I'd definitely be interested. I'll PM you with contact info. By the way, you're not far from me at all, I'm about 2 mins outside of Oldwick.

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    Im in Hopewell Twp (~45 mins away)

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    Essex county here , lets try again

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    I am located in Ewing NJ, right next to trenton/Hopewell and looking for jazz guitarists to jam with.We can organize a bi-weekl jam session on sat/ sun eve and just rotate locations or we can have a fixed location for the jams. If we get something going, i will not mind travelling 45 mins/ 1hr for a good jam session.

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    Sounds good what exit are you off parkway?

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    Off the parkway- exit 129, then Rt 1 S.

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    If it's jazz, older players should not be avoided. We came up when jazz was available 6 nights a week in most good-sized towns, and when you could hear it on the radio.

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    Hey nanafreedie,

    Not to far, i get on at exit 145