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    Lets get together and learn from each other, i'm beginner to imtermediate level
    PS i play guitar


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    where you located ?

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    Essex county and you

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    Atlantic county.

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    So your way down in south jersey?

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    probably to far damit

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    I've had some good luck (not a ton, but some) finding jamming buddies via craigslist.

    I put up an ad last year and found a few good people to jam with, got wind of a good jam session from which I made some helpful contacts. One of the people who responded to my ad was actually another poster here!
    Oh, hi - if interested, I post a lot of playing/practice clips at

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    -- Find jazz guitar teachers in your area and ask them if they'd be willing to share your phone number/email/etc. with current students - promise you'll help their students work on things the teacher is focused on so the teacher has a reason to help you. If you can't find guitar students, find people who play other instruments - you'll learn a whole lot about music generally and you'll gain a better sense of how guitar "fits" with other instruments.
    -- Montclair State has a big jazz program, if you can travel a bit you might be able to find some students who jam regularly -- they must have some online group.
    Best luck.

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    Sounds like a plan, thx

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    Hunterdon County here, kinda central, slightly northish