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    Hi gang,

    Just wondering if there's any Aussies in Melbourne that would like to get together for a no-pressure jam.

    I've been playing for about 15 years, but only jazzing for 2 years. Would love to catch up with someone to play some standards.

    Any takers?


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    my last name is bourne but hay you want to jam in melbourne close but not a winner

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    im in geelong.

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    Geelong here too
    Always looking for the opertunity to Jam.
    email me anytime mike(dot)cardinal(at)gmail(dot)com

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    Hey Music Tech
    long time no see... give me yell if you want to catch up


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    that australia is famous for maybe the kind that goes on fretboards to identify different areas of the guitar.Hey i got it wrong its not coral its mother of pearl that is used the most but if you got some coral it would be good for around the neck like a necklace.Also it might be protected by the country.
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    I play guitar and I am from Belgrave area up in them thar hills. Love to jam.


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    Im from Melbourne, living in Box Hill at the moment. PM me if you want to jam.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisg View Post
    Im from Melbourne, living in Box Hill at the moment. PM me if you want to jam.
    Hi Chris G - found this very old thread on the forum which I only joined today.
    I live in Blackburn and am trying to see if I can find a like minded guitarist that might enjoy playing with me.

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    Gidday guys. In Hawthorn and ready to play.