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    Now that we have had:

    1. Top 100 Jazz Guitar Albums
    2. Top 100 Jazz Albums
    3. Top 50 Jazz Guitar Books

    I'd like to do one more:

    A Top 50 of DVDs, in the categories:
    1. Jazz Guitar DVDs
    2. Guitar DVDs
    3. Documentaries and Concert DVDs

    What are your favorite guitar related DVDs?


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Not totally jazz related, but GE (from Saturday Night Live, Hall & Oates) delves into his relationship with the guitar, and how that Fender Telecaster was his ticket into an incredible world. Some good music here as well...

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    I really loved Pat Methteny's DVD Speaking Of Now Life(Takayuki Watanabe). That's for Documentaries and Concert DVDS

    And For Jazz Guitar DVDs , Joe Pass - Jazz Lines was pretty usefull

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    Not a guitar DVD but Bela Fleck and the Flecktones- live at the Quick is a great concert. It can be categorized in many genres, but the musicianship is top notch

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    c1 Jim hall: a life in Progress, scott henderson Jazz rock mastery, Pat Metheny Imaginary Day

    c2 Eric Johnson: total electric guitar

    c3 The World according to John Coltrane,
    Miles Electric: a different kind of blue

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    I picked up a copy of Robben Ford's DVD, Blues and Beyond. On there is great instruction of how to play Duke Ellington's "Ain't Got Nothing But The Blues" but in a more blues version instead of the original swing beat. Robben did an excellent job on enhanced chord voicings which adds a whole new dimension to the song.

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    1 - "Talmage Farlow" - Real insights into the man and his music

    2 - "Barney Kessel - Rare Performances 1962-1991

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    As far as instructional material goes:

    Whit Smith's Chordination Dvd is absolutely invaluable to anyone interested in comping Swing/Western Swing Style. He is an ABSOLUTE master of rhythm


    I play in a band that leans to the Swing/Gypsy/Western Swing style of jazz, so some other Dvd's I've found very useful are:

    John Jorgenson Intermediate Gypsy Jazz
    Ranger Doug Rides The Rhythm Range

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    Anything by Pat Metheny, but especially the trio recordings (available via Ebay)

    Birelli Lagrene: Gypsy Project.

    Joe Pass: Instructional DVD & Live Set Compilation

    Frank Zappa: Does Humor Belong In Music

    John Scofield: Live 3 Ways (sic)

    Jazz Guitar Greats Series (Via Amazon)

    Just ordered Jim hall: a life in Progress on Amazon. Thanks!

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    1.John Scofield "On Improvisation"/1983/
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    Quote Originally Posted by guitarjam
    1 - "Talmage Farlow" - Real insights into the man and his music

    2 - "Barney Kessel - Rare Performances 1962-1991
    I'm going to have to keep an eye out for those DVDs. Farlow and Kessel are two of my favorite guitarists/hep cats.

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    For instruction:

    All the Joe Pass vids, Solo, Lines & Blue side of Jazz. Though a bit scattered, his instruction is solid.

    Don Mock's Jazz Rhythm Chops and From Blues to Rock to Jazz. As a former GIT original, Don's instructional approach is 2nd to none.

    All the Robben Ford Blues series. Robben has a great approach to teaching, and gives all his stuff away in these vids.

    Emily Remler's Advanced Jazz & Latin Improvisation, and Bebop & Swing Guitar. Her playing and practical advice on these two vids are exceptional.

    Joe Beck and Gene Bertonicini both have "instructional' vids on solo guitar, that are more performance, then talk about what they did. Not really easy to pick up by beginners or intermediates, but excellent demonstrations by two masters, and an opportunity to get a peek in more of a master class type format. Highly recommended for those who already have good CM chops.

    John Stowell's Jazz Guitar Mastery dvd. John has such a great approach to teaching, and such a positive, encouraging manner. Starts out pretty basic, but touches on some challenging topics. Wonderful material, but would have liked to seen him develop more.

    I have well over 3 dozen titles on jazz guitar alone, and unknown number on other styles of guitar playing.
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    Hi Dirk,

    For me:

    a. Wes Montgomery Live in '65.
    b. Pat Metheny - The Way Up Live.
    c. Unstrung - Pat Martino.
    d. Chasing Sound - The Les Paul Story.

    All tell a story and all re-create an atmosphere that is central to the very essence of 'jazz guitar'.


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    Joe Diorio: Creative Jazz Guitar
    Jamey Aebersold: Anyone can Improvise
    Don Mock Jazz Rhythm Chops
    Joe Pass Solo Jazz Guitar
    Pat Martino Creative Force
    Arlen Roth 150 Hot Licks
    Artie Traum Chord Magic
    Jimmy Bruno No Nonsense Jazz Guitar
    Howard Morgen Fingerboard Breakthrough
    Mimi Fox Jazz Anatomy
    Brad Carlton Improvisation a la Mode
    A Modern Method for Guitar (Leavitt) taught by Larry Baione
    Modern Chord Melody John Stowell

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    Baby Snakes (Frank Zappa)
    Rumor Mill (Carl Verheyen)
    Intervallic Rock (Carl Verheyen, instructional -- despite the title, there's a lot of stuff that applies to jazz improvisation, as well)

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    Jazz Guitar DVDs
    John Scofield On Improvisation & Jazz Funk Guitar
    Scott Henderson Jazz Rock Mastery
    Joe Pass Jazz Lines & Solo guitar & Blue Side of Jazz
    Don Mock Jazz Guitar Rhythm Chops
    Vic Juris All that jazz
    Pat Martino Creative Force & Quantum guitar
    Mimi Fox Jazz Anatomy
    Ingram The Guitar style of Wes Montgomery
    Learn Comping with 5 great masters Hot Licks
    Jim Hall Instructional
    there's a lot of good stuff at 99 cent guitar lessons also

    Guitar DVDs
    Eric Johnson The art of guitar

    Documentaries and Concert DVD
    Legends of Jazz guitar I, II and III
    Jim Hall A life in progress
    Blue Note vid'
    Jazz Masters I and II

    my 2c
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    1. Current DVD: Stu Hamm's, Bass Guitar Basics...he is a fantastic talent and teacher...even if you don't play Bass, you can learn a lot about Band Guitar from him.

    2. Any album by Johnny Smith, an almost forgotten Lead Jazz Guitar Pioneer. Gibson and Guild both named guitars after him. He is in his late 80's in Colorado Springs. He recorded with Stan Getz and others.

    3. Anything by Dave Brubeck, with fantastic Alto Sax (Paul Desmond), Guitar, Bass and Drums.

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    OK, not guitar but great stuff regardless:
    Donald Fagan - Concepts for Jazz/Rock Piano

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    This DVD gives me goosebumps.

    Alone - But never Alone.................. Larry Carlton 1986

    Ooops, sorry, this thread is about instruction DVD?????
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    I know these aren't exactly jazz related, but for me the best guitar work I've ever seen on DVD is from the following:

    1. Jimi Hendrix - Live at Woodstock
    2. Stevie Ray Vaughan - Live at the El Mocambo
    3. G3 - 2005 (Feat. Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and John Petrucci)

    I can watch these over and over and never cease to be blown away.

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    These are not all jazz but worth checking out
    1. Beginning Jazz Guitar (Jody Fisher) amazing demos
    2. Return to Forever Returns Live at Montreux 2008
    3. G3-Live in Concert (Joe Satiriani,Steve Vai, and Eric Johnson)

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    Jazz Masters Volume One (Pat Martino, Bill Frisell, Emily Remler, Steve Kahn) and Volume Two (Herb Ellis, Charlie Byrd, Tal Farlow, Jack Wilkins). These are compilations from the Guitar Show series.
    Wes Montgomery - Live in '65. A knockout for Wes fans, taken from a European tour.
    Talmage Farlow - A Film by Lorenzo DeStefano. Includes rare footage of the late Lenny Breau.
    Charlie Byrd Trio - Live at Duke's Place New Orleans 1993.
    Joe Pass - '75 & '77 (Jazz in Montreux Series)

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    jazz guitar dvds

    1.- emily remler
    hot licks bebop and swing guitar
    2.- pat martino quantum guitar
    3.- george benson art of jazz guitar

    guitar dvds

    lick library play fast
    the pumping nylon dvd
    Lick Library - Ultimate Guitar Techniques - Sweep Picking

    Documentaries and Concert DVDs

    1.-ken burns documentary histry of jazz
    2.- calle 54 about latin jazz
    3.-jazz icons art blakey and the jazz messengers live in 58
    4.-Jazz Icons - Dexter Gordon - Live In ´63 & ´64
    5.-Jobim, Vinicius e Toquinho com Miúcha - In Concert 1978

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    allan holdsworth has a instructional dvd you could find it on ebay?great!!! also meeting of the spirits john mac.larry cor. aah the other guy ? great!!! lots of great stuff out there if you look.i have this one buy a flatpicker named david grier that is a mind blower of an artist.folk/bluegrass

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    Jazz-guitar DVDs:
    - Emily Remler, both Hot Licks vids. She explains the essence of playing jazz gutiar in a very simple and motivating way, gives great practice tipps and encourage the viewer to develop his/her own style. Best spent money of all the materials I have

    - Mimi Fox, all three Truefire-courses, very challanging, but worth the effort. You can spent years with this volumes

    Instructional Guitar DVDs:
    Robben Ford - The Art of Blues Rhythm, a filmed clinic in front of an audience, lots of examples with lots of jazzy chords

    Documentaries and Concert DVDs:
    - Everything by Joe Pass, IMHO you lern more by watching him playing live than with his instructional vids
    - Wes Montgomery Live in '65, great jazz gigs, non of his pot-boiler material there
    - Ray, the Ray Charles biography, I guess, I've watched it 15 times or so, can't get enough of that one. The atmosphere of that movie is just thrilling...


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    Lee Ritenour Live at Northsea jazzfestival
    Live at Coconut grove
    Pat Metheny Jazz Baltica
    The way up at Monteral jazzfestival

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    Seeing how this Master of jazz guitar suffered a severe brain injury, didn't even know his parents when he awoke from surgery, became a Master again. Twice in his lifetime he acheived becoming a great guitarist where many can't do it ONCE. Inspiration after seeing this. Having suffered a brain injury myself do to an accident I understood much of what I saw. Fortunately my injury wasn't as severe nor am I a master...LOL

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    Crossroads Guitar festival 1 & 2 are my absolute favorites. The variety of artists and styles make them both classics.

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    I agree with many of the titles already posted, but I'm going in another direction - all guitar but not jazz:
    Julian Bream "My Life in Music."
    Julian Bream "¡Guitarra!"
    John Williams "Concert in Seville."

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    I like the diversity of styles on both the Crossroad Guitar Festival DVD's. This goes for all the G3 DVD's as well.

    Steve Vai's "Live at the Astoria London" and "Visual Sound Theories" with the Holland Metropole Orkest are definitely worth checking out.

    The Derek Truck Band "Songlines Live" is chock full of awesome slide playing (the accuracy of Derek's intonation is amazing).

    Jeff Beck's "Performing This Week - Live At Ronnie Scotts" features some spine-tingling performances and has Vinnie Colaiuta on drums.

    John Mclaughlin and Zakir Hussain feature in "Remember Shakti - The Way Of Beauty".

    Finally, "Mike Stern Live", the first of the Live at the New Morning DVD's has Richard Bona on bass and the incredible Dennis Chambers on drums. The first track, "Play", uses a simple rock based riff, C5-G5-Bb5 in 4/4 and overlays a bop style head in a 3/8 feel. The introduction has Mike playing outside by bar 3. If you are interested, you can see my transcription of the introduction and head here:-


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    This guy has a documentary about Lenny Breau, from 1968. IF it's the CBC documentary, its good.

    There's another by his daughter, Emily Hughes. Again, have not seen it.

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    1 - Emily Remler, both Hot Licks vids (Bop and Latin). Something about this woman! Would loved to have had a beer with her! Amazing communication skills and basically cuts the crap and gets to meat of it all!

    2 - George Benson "Art of Jazz Guitar". Not a really great instruction DVD but just to see the character of the man in is home shredding away! His wit and sense of humor just shines through! A real insight into a legend.

    3 - All the Crossroads concerts

    4 - The Last Waltz Not exactly Jazz but was probably the most inspiring concert for my guitar playing! Spent countless hours playing along to Dr. John, Clapton, Hawkins, and of course 'The Band'. However that said "Such a night" is an 'New Orleans' jazz vamp. And Stage-fright is certainly not diatonic by any means!


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    Joe Diorio Solo Guitar Concepts
    It's more a clinic than a lesson per se...but his charisma and sense of humor makes it a rewarding experience.

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    Ofcourse at number one

    Wes Montgomery Live in '65,...and.
    Wes Montgomery - Twisted Blues

    but what about
    George Benson - The Art Of Jazz Guitar
    I like him a lot 2
    It's a very good DVD, very relaxed,...learning every day...


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    "Hey Y'all" from the woods of Tennessee!

    New to the forum. What a find! Too cool!

    My fav performance dvd is Metheny's "The Way Up, Live" us just too dang good. It fixes everything I don't like about 3rd stream. What an amazing and powerful piece of music. Great performance on the DVD too. Saw him play it in Atlanta on the first leg of that wow...and wow...and wait for it..........WOW!

    Instructional wise, Scofield's jazz funk series on DCI is great. It is with the Blue Matter band (Beard, Chambers, Grainger) and it kills. The interviewer (Askold Buk) asks all the right questions and Sco just tells it like it is. Great stuff. Performances just smoke too. Sco has the best chipmunk face!

    There is a Jim Hall instructional just called Jim Hall where he goes thru a bunch of tunes and just explains them and his approach to each. Very cool and very helpful. I think it is a Hal Leonard product.

    Performance wise, the DVD's I've been watching lately are:
    Buddy Rich - Channel One Suite and the Lost West Side Story Tapes.
    Chick Corea Elektric Band - Live at Montreaux
    Hiromi's Sonicbloom Live in Concert
    and Steve Vai's Visual Sound Theories

    I know Vai ain't jazz, but neither is Arturo Sandoval, knowhatimsayin?
    The guy is a serious musician disguised as a rock poser. On the DVD, he played some of his tunes with the Metropole Orkest and wrote a suite for them to perform and did the most of the orchestration for all of it.....gotta hand it to the guy.

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    I could list 'em all day but here are a few I haven't seen listed yet:1. Great Guitars: Byrd, Kessel and Ellis 2. Paco De Lucia and Group Instructional vids: 1. Any Danny Gatton REH/Hot Licks 2. John Abercrombie: Concepts for Jazz Guitar Improvisation

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    Instructional: "Anyone can improvise" by Jamey Aebersold, a 'must have' for anyone who wants to discover and/or develop his/her ability to improvise, no matter which instrument do you play.

    Non Instructional: "Talmage Farlow". I saw this documentary as a kid on a TV Show called "Jazz entre amigos". Many years later I started to listen jazz and re-discovered Tal Farlow. I tried to find this documentary for (many) years and a couple of months ago I was finally able to buy it through a british shop (hmv). To me, it was very inspiring to listen both Tal Farlow and Lenny Breau sharing their impresions and opinions about music and guitar playing (not to mention their playing!!).

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    Bireli Lagrene - Live at Vienna is one of my favourite guitar DVD concerts. A couple of hours of superb playing.


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    It's been mentioned by previous folk already, but personally, Scott Henderson's "Jazz Rock Mastery" and Don Mock's "The Blues From Rock To Jazz" have really helped me as a guitarist.

    Scott's instructional vid goes into the great depths of phrasing and basically teaches how NOT to make your guitar boring. It's taught in a blues / fusion context, but is applicable to any guitar style and, in my opinion, is a must watch for all guitarists.

    Don's video gives a great insight into the bebop improvisation approach (especially using substituted arpeggios) when applied to a fusion / rock style, which is very useful for advanced guitarists who have jumped to jazz from other guitar genres.

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    The best I've seen to date is Jimmy Bruno's "No Nonsence Jazz Guitar" and his approach to playing lead over changing chord voicing in jazz. It has made a significant difference in my playing over the years and he is a great educator.