Have you ever wanted to join a local Jazz Jam but didn't have the confidence to jump in?
Have you ever wanted to play in a Jazz Trio or Quartet but didn't know where to start ?
Are you thinking of auditioning for a College or University Level Jazz Program and don't know where to begin ?

You are in Luck !!! This is the workshop for you !!

Have you already started on your path to learning Jazz Standards but found yourself getting bogged down with technical etudes and complicated Jazz jargon ?
Have you left classes or lessons more confused than when walked in ?

This workshop can help rekindle your love of playing Jazz Standards without the jargon and confusion.

Workshop A is designed for musicians looking for a strategy for learning Jazz Standards. I will show you how to play the melody, accompany other musicians, and use the melody as the basis for a simple improvisation.
No one starts to play Jazz Guitar for the etudes or technical studies. We all want to play those great songs from The Great American Songbook. We want to confidently improvise and play with other musicians.

If you agree with these statements, this is the workshop for you.

You will learn 3 Jazz Standards in 2 hours. Participants will be given all necessary materials, and will walk away with a strategy for learning Jazz Standards that can then be applied to other songs.

There will be no more than 6 participants in each workshop. I am limiting the number of participants to ensure that you are receiving the attention you need to solidify the techniques discussed in this workshop.

Participants should have basic awareness of Jazz as well as a rudimentary knowledge of scales and chords.It would be helpful if students have iReal Pro, however this is not absolutely necessary. This workshop is guitar-centric, however, other musicians can also benefit from these techniques.

Workshop A will be offered on two possible dates. Sign up for either September 18 or 25. Workshop B, a follow-up to this workshop, will be offered later this fall.