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    So as this thread is approaching its end-date, I figured I'd post my efforts as of today. I decided on this to try to incorporate phrases I've learned in other studies into this solo, so it still has a bit of a lick-ish feel. But hey, I never claimed to be Joe Pass.

    Also... picked up a Squier "Vintage Vibe" Jazzmaster this week and decided to use it for this clip. Using the Princeton Reverb Reissue mic'd with the Shure SM57.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    My solo take is rough and noodly. I should slow it down so I’m not so driven into licks.

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    Documentation of September work...
    The study is from David Berger's "Jazz Improv Studies" Volume 4

    OutOfNowhereStudy G 2020 09 29 by Hans Hogedal | Free Listening on SoundCloud

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    Thought I'd try the solo a little faster and use the Tone Master Twin.

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    Late to, almost missed the party, but here's a duo recording from before corona came "out of nowhere" to shut down our weekly jam sessions, which are only just now starting to revive...