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    Our standard for Jul 2020 will be If I Had You (James Campbell, Reginald Connelly, Ted Shapiro, 1928).

    Jazz Standards Songs and Instrumentals (If I Had You)


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I love this tune. I used to accompany a friend on clarinet on it before he passed away. The Duke Robillard version that the OP links to is really nice.

    Here’s my attempt on solo guitar. I’ve been doing a lot more gardening than practicing lately, so it’s rough. I’ll try to work on finger mechanics and clean it up.

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    I recorded this almost two years ago. I'm thinking about record it again and see if have any progress.

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    Here’s my recording from last September. I might also polish it off and maybe rework it a bit. As said above, may be a good gauge of progress.

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    Mr Ho! You've done it again! Terrific!

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    It's been awhile since i last logged in here, but there's a strange synchronicity in that i was just playing
    'If I Had You' a couple of days ago, and here it is as this month's standard...
    and so, off to the shed i will head, since there are still a few days left in the month!!!
    In any case, here's a quick 'baseline' recording, playing the melody and changes from memory, and
    without the benefit of my 2nd cup of am coffee:

    Hopefully it will get a little better...
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    This is from a private lesson with Frank Vignola at Truefire.

    He records a video and then I record one to send to him and so on, the process goes on.