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    We covered Skylark in Mar 2016, so our standard for May 2020 will be Over the Rainbow (Harold Arlen & Yip Harburg, 1938).

    Jazz Standards Songs and Instrumentals (Over the Rainbow)


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Real nice, Raggy! A little bluesy/country, eh?

    I used to be able to play a solo version of this, so long ago. I loved Tuck Andres' version of this and so I taught myself a version of his. Listened to it recently and can't for the life of me remember a lick of it.

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    I've got a normal swing version but I thought this was more fun. God knows we need a bit of fun!

    How're you doing? Everyone okay where you are? That you know, I mean.

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    Here we go. Crazy man! It's like he can't quite believe it's really happening :-)

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    Heres one from a little over a year ago. I tried using a bunch of "johnny smith" chords.

    I think I'll do another. What a wonderful melody.

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    Excellent, Jeff. I liked that.

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    Walking Bass Comp with a somewhat improvised chorus
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    I worked up a solo arrangement of this in 2015. Here's a recording I made at the time, dubbed over a few photos I took at Kubota Garden in Seattle. I should dust it off and re-learn it. Maybe I can make some improvements.

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    Here’s a fun explanation of what makes this such a great song.

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    I dusted this one off when I heard that EVH had passed away.

    It is indeed such a great song.

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    I lost track of this thread during all the COVID19 confusion in the Spring. So I saw it pop up and just sat down and did this recording. Actually, I hadn't planned to play it this way, just sort of came out. More like a sound check than a performance.