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    I hope this will be a nice resource to help your jazz vocabulary in your playing.

    1. How Insensitive
    2. Blue Bossa
    3. Autumn Leaves
    4. All The Things You Are
    5. Days of Wine and Roses
    6. Solar
    7. There Will Never Be Another You
    8. Black Orpheus
    9. The Shadow of Your Smile
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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    great stuff..ive been playing the Master Jazz guitar solos from PG Music for ages..most the standards there..about 110 solos...why dont you do a similar version.. put me down as a customer .. regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Samdols
    Do you have/sell the PDFs for these solos ?

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    I just put a PDF How Insensitive and will do the rest when I get back home. Stay healthy. Cheers

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    I see them thanks a lot again ...regards stay safe...