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    Fellow shut-ins! Our standard for Apr 2020 will be I Got It Bad (and That Ain't Good) - Duke Ellington/Paul Webster, 1941.

    Jazz Standards Songs and Instrumentals (I Got It Bad (and That Ain't Good))


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I've no idea what to do with this song so here's just a pleasant little ditty. Enjoy :-)

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    And I've got a horrible feeling Bill didn't know either

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    Nice song. Been messing with this for a week or so. Sat down tonight and figured out a head I felt was a little nicer. So, once thru the melody, and a chorus improvised.

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    Hey, Bahnzo - Well, I liked it. You're using chords which is more than I do. I'd say you were getting better all the time. It sounded like jazz! Not that I know anything about it, of course :-)

    How's your life? You on lockdown or anything?

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    Thanks, I'm trying to do more than just playing the melody and maybe have my own interpretation of a tune. Makes me appreciate the pros even more.

    I'm locked down like a catholic girl during Mardi Gras. So I should have more time to learn jazz, eh? How are you managing?

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    Fine (so far). I get out once a day and otherwise spend far too long trying to negotiate Naima :-)

    locked down like a catholic girl during Mardi Gras

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    Walking bass comp anticipating beat 1 in every bar

    I Got It Bad.pdf

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    As we're ending, a bit of happy swing.

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    It wasn't meant for publication originally, I was just fooling around, hence the bluegrass effect and dodgy timing... but I thought what the hell :-)