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    Quote Originally Posted by cosmic gumbo
    J Geils Band first album, doing a killer John Lee Hooker cover.

    That is the good stuff, alright. Also love the version from "Full House."


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Documentary on Mayall. Nice find!:

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    Several versions of a favorite, "Lost Mind", beginning with the original (AFAIK) by Percy Mayfield

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    Lyrics by Rory Gallagher, R.I.P.

    Well..there's a body in the bay,
    The cops are taking it away.
    They said this case was closed,
    It only shows that you never know.

    So who are they gonna get,
    When the trouble's gotta stop?
    Here's my card,
    I'm the Continental Op.

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    Contemporary update of a classic ...


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    Dear John, I love lyrics and played on a gipsy jazz guitar...what a combo.

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    This version of "Loving Sam" is by

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    Tim Brooks came from Macon, GA. My older brother lives there and became a friend of Tim's.
    Tim (no longer with us) was a great slide guitar player. Did a lot of studio work. Gigged a good bit, made some records with his bands (first the Brothers Brooks and later, The Alien Sharecroppers). Helluva blues player but he could play in other styles too.

    A few things---

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    New version of an old "ditty".

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    Luther Allison - Cherry Red Wine - talk about feeling it!

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    Re: Luther Allison - That's some seriously fine phrasing.

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    The Master...

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    Booker Ervin serious blues player.

    W/ Grant...

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    Ol' Mundell Lowe...check him out.

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    Wow! Mundell Lowe just gained a new fan! Thank you for the heads up.

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    Just posted a Louis Stewart track on another thread, found this while failing to find said track on you tube...Louis Stewart & Mundell Lowe

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    Been down so long...

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    One of the "few"...

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    Glad this is still going!

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    Moanin' at midnight...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ragman1
    Actually, I think the idea of the blues as the expression of black suffering is outdated. I think it's become a cliche. In today's world I'm not sure it's very relevant any more.

    This is not to say it should be forgotten, any more than the Holocaust should be forgotten, but we can't live in the past. The blues is perhaps a generic way of expressing human despair because of its structure and nature but, in the end, it's only a feeling, the expression of a feeling. And it makes good music.

    Jazz has incorporated the blues sound into its genre, and makes the music more interesting, but 'Blues For Alice' hasn't really much relationship to what Bukka White was doing in the video. There's musically a historical relationship but that's all.

    So I don't think we've 'gotten far away', it's that we've moved on - as we should have done. It's not being disrespectful of the past, it's just that life is about movement, change and progression.
    "If you ain't growin', you're dyin'" is a pretty bluesy thought.

    Most of the old masters I'd list have already been mentioned, so I'll offer this cat's take on it:

    Add some swing to the rhythm section and we're talkin'.

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    Good question: