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    We covered But Not for Me in April 2015, so our standard for Nov 2019 will be On the Sunny Side of the Street (Jimmy McHugh & Dorothy Fields, 1930).

    Jazz Standards Songs and Instrumentals (On the Sunny Side of the Street)


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    It's like the Bastille. As long as the food keeps disappearing they're still alive. As long as the next standard's up M-ster's probably all right!

    (I hope he is all right)

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    Love this tune. An all-time favorite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkRhodes
    Love this tune. An all-time favorite.
    Me too - this was my Dad's #1 request.

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    First place I heard this tune was on the record "Sonny Side Up." Love Diz's alternate lyrics.

    I'll be sure to participate this month, this is one of the all time classics.

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    Quite interesting, Mr. B, when they sing the lyrics, they pronounce 'can't' the Brit way as 'cahn't'. I was quite surprised by that. And there's all those Brit singers going 'can't' because they wanna sound 'merican :-)

    (I do that too because singing in posh Brit sounds absurd!)

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    I love this tune.
    This is a video that I recorded a year ago with this amazing arragment by Jonathan Stout.

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    Me and my faithful friend hanging out on the sunny side of the yard in September. The weather in New Hampshire is a bit chilly now to be picking outside.