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    Our standard for Oct 2019 will be You Don't Know What Love Is (Gene De Paul & Don Raye, 1941).

    Jazz Standards Songs and Instrumentals (You Don't Know What Love Is)


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Nice man it is beautiful...share tutorials if possible...! https://9appsapk.vinhttps://vidmateapp.vin
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    Quote Originally Posted by smithclarkson001
    Nice man it is beautiful...share tutorials if possible...!
    Just seen this. Is it for me? Okay, play this:

    Fm - F harmonic min/Fm blues
    C7 - Bbm6/C#m6
    Db7 - Abm6

    Bbm/Eb7 - Bbm6/C#m6
    AbM7 - Cm
    Dm/G7 - Dm6/Fm6
    CM7 - Em

    Something like that :-)

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    I play this on every gig

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    I wish the hell someone other than me would play it now! So would M-ster, I suppose :-)

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    How do you guys think harmonically of the change to C major? Is it just going up a major 3rd, or something more logical than that? Doesn't sound like a clear key change, and fits well in to the rest of the song.

    The rest of the song is pretty straight in terms of harmonic analysis.

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    Yes it briefly moves up a major third, I don’t think you need to come up with any other explanation. Same thing occurs in some other tunes, e.g. bar 13 of I Love You (Cole Porter).

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