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    Long time lurker,short time poster.

    I've been working the Bbmaj7 to D7#9 chordal run for some and have had trouble with the phrasing until a lightbulb moment when I realised Wes plays the Abmin11 chord as an up stroke. This is the Incredible Jazz Guitar of version.

    Don't know why I didn't figure that one out before.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I thought your post was about me

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    Could be. Do you use an up stroke?

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    Here's a lesson on it! Very good lesson on the head!

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    He has it wrong as well. All of those chords in the sequence are a strummed.
    I've slowed it down to 15% and can guarantee that all chords are strummed. Also it sounds to me that the treble notes in the Abmin11 sound first.Therefore it must be an upstroke.
    Take a closer listen.

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    Minor point, but Wes played the C G at the 8th fret starting on the E string.

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    Some close-ups of Wes playing it here:

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    When I first started working on this tune I assumed ( yeh don't assume) he played that sequence with all down strokes because that was what he was known for. A thumb player. Until on slowing it right down to 15%, Transcribe!,
    I realised he used an up stroke and you can see his thumb snap back on that vid.

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    He does use upstrokes! Although he plays the intro bass lick with downstrokes, I've found it to be a great exercise playing alternate with the thumb, down down up down.

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    Here's one of my favorite players! Ulf!