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    Hello everyone,

    So I’ve heard someone’s rendition of Georgia on My Mind on jazz guitar, and I must say I’m absolutely blown away, it’s beautiful. I want play that kind of music. Prior to that, I was not really into jazz, but now (as you can guess) I am.

    Okay, so I played guitar for a few years now. I know basic music theory, chords, a few scales (pentatonic, and major), and a few tricks. The thing is, I started to play the guitar because of punk mobdro.bio/ luckypatcher.tips/ kodi.bio/ music, then hard rock, so jazz is a lot, if not entirely, intimidating to me. I know most techniques on guitar except everything shred (not my thing). I know that there are tons of material in the internet, I just don’t know where to start. I’m on the intermediate level, I guess.

    Tl;dr: can someone point me to internet materials on how to start playing jazz; what are the fundamental theories, chords, scales, etc. that I need to know; what are some easy songs to get started with; how do I/you practice?

    Thanks and I hope you guys reply!
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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Check out the lessons on this forum (the links are below the threads section).

    Free Jazz Guitar Lessons | Learn How To Play Jazz Guitar

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    here's the best free learning resource:

    and here is how i would teach someone:
    White belt
    My Youtube

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    I second grahambop's recommendation of this site's excellent lessons. jazzguitar.be is a trove of teaching treasure!
    Best regards, k