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    Hi Friends,

    I'm new to jazz guitar and I'm working on the Autumn Leaves melody and solo study found on this website. I've read the page, watched the video several times, and I'm following the tab.

    I got the first 17 measures down pretty well, but it's getting rather confusing at measure 18. I'm hearing notes that I'm not seeing on the sheet. Maybe it's my imagination? Maybe I need to improvise a bit here? Maybe I need to work on chord changing speed... I dunno. Any advice would be much appreciated!



    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Hi Ryan, welcome to the forum!

    Are you talking about this lesson? Autumn Leaves Melody & Solo Study

    There was actually a mistake in bar 18, a chord too much in the tabs.
    That doesn't explain you hearing notes that are not notated, quiet the contrary.
    I've checked the rest of the score and can't find anymore typos...