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    Hey guys im overwhelmed with the amount of jazz guitar books there are.

    I have been looking for a decent intermediate book which covers scales. Comping and improv.

    I haven’t been playing guitar over the last several years and need something inspirational.



    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I know it sounds like a cheesy answer, but I cannot think of anything better than the realbook.

    The tunes have so much to teach, it just takes a little extra effort to analyze them.

    Ok, ok, a better answer. The Joe Pass books are good.

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    There is so much that without knowing your experience and interest it is just shooting in the dark.

    That said, the book that had the most radical effect on my way of playing and thinking about music is fellow forum member Alan Kingstone’s book “The Barry Harris Harmonic Method”. I can’t recommend it enough. Just wish there was a Volume II.

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