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    Bernstein - Mymusicmasterclass

    Has anyone worked through Peter Bernstein’s mymusicmasterclass lessons.

    very interested in your thoughts, in particular around creating movement in lines and comping.

    thanks in anticipation
    “When you’re creating your own ...., man, even the sky ain’t the limit.”
    Miles Davis

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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I had a very positive feedback from a friend of mine whose opinion I consider important. He is an advanced player but still found it very effective.
    I myself watched only episodes while occasionally visiting him.

    I personally think that Peter is the inspirational type of a teacher who does not give a set of strict system and aes that to be praciticed even a bit mechanically in tincorporate gradually into playing (that can also work like spme methods with barry Harris for example)

    Instead Peter's teaching is more of 'attitude/approach education'... he does not give answers and direct instructions... maybe even he puts more questions.... ) it is more to teach one how to make his own choice, how to excercise musical hearing and values for that.

    this style is very close to me personally...

    But I did not buy the course becasue by that moment I just think I have had already quite a lot of info that I could grasp here and there from Peter either online or from his students...

    Honestly I just think I can figure it all out myself (I would not mind personal face-to-face lesson from Peter though)))

    and specifically about creating movement... I guess he talks about it in every teaching video on youtube in this of that form and there is actually nothing miraculous and nothign taht one cannot get himself if he has good harmonic/functional ear and enough knowledge of the instrument and basic theory

    But maybe I'll go for it later anyway... I think any stuff from him is worth it.

    Also this Masterclass has particular examples and is really elaborated to have the realization within particular context.
    So it may be helpful

    Sorry I could not say more, I am sure others will add.

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