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    It was Pat Martino week in modern jazz guitar forum (see signature) last week and I created a bunch of new pat martino lessons. Feel free to join up but in the meantime, here are the links:

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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Quote Originally Posted by jzucker View Post
    comments or likes appreciated!
    Not coffee'd up enough to view these yet, but I sure like the fact that you've put them up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FourOnSix View Post
    Not coffee'd up enough to view these yet, but I sure like the fact that you've put them up!
    Thanks, i just like to know that someone found them useful!

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    I too got some nice repetitive motifs from it that caught my ear. I never thought of playing them with legato or hybrid picking.

    I am getting my guitar right now to try'em out!

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    just added a new one (to the top).

    I also have notation for these. You can either email me for it ( or join my modern jazz guitar group on facebook to get it. I have to figure out how to add it to the video. Some of them are small enough that they could be added to the bottom but some of them are 12 bars long and would crowd out the video. I may look into a slice transcription. It seems that it integrates notation and video together and scrolls the music along with the video but it also looks time intensive...

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    Thanks for posting these, I had a quick look at them all and I'll be working on (at least) a couple of them later. I also joined the FB group a few days ago, thanks for that too, I appreciate greatly the contributions you have consistently made over the few years I've been aware of your work.
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    Thanks for posting these. I look forward to checking them out later this week.

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    Thanks for sharing these Jack!!

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    These are cool Jack! Thanks!