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    Quote Originally Posted by ragman1 View Post
    Slow and melancholy, also in F, which I like. Why is nobody bothering with these standards?

    Hey I listened carefully to this and really enjoyed it. Same for the CM above. they sound sort of dreamy/floaty to me. I have no idea what the lyrics are though. Good work
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    Thank you, Joe, I know you're busy.


    'They say into your early life romance came
    And in this heart of yours burned a flame
    A flame that flickered one day and died away
    Then with disillusion deep in your eyes
    You learned that fools in love soon grow wise
    The years have changed you, somehow, I see you now

    Smoking, drinking, never thinking of tomorrow, nonchalant
    Diamonds shining, dancing, dining with some man in a restaurant
    Is that all you really want?

    No, sophisticated lady
    I know, you miss the love you lost long ago
    And when nobody is nigh you cry'

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    Token video aka 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun'

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