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    Update: view the final list here: Top 100 Jazz Guitar Albums

    I'm trying to get a Jazz Guitar Album Top 100 together and I need your help. I started below by adding 10 albums that I think should be in the list. I need your help to complete the list, so please post the records that you feel should be included in the TOP 100.

    • Wes Montgomery - Full House
    • Pat Metheny - Question and Answer
    • Larry Carlton - Last Nite
    • George Benson - Breeezin'
    • Jim Hall - Dialogues
    • John Scofield - Time on My Hands
    • Mike Stern - Standards
    • Al Di Meola - Elegant Gypsy
    • Grant Green - Idle Moments
    • Kevin Eubanks - Extensions


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    • Kenny Burrell - Midnight Blue
    • George Benson - Bad Benson
    • Mike Stern - Upside Downside
    • Mundell Lowe - Guitar Moods
    • Wes Montgomery - The Incredible Jazz Guitar Of Wes Montgomery
    • Philipp Van Endert - Trio (ok, it's a german guy. No one knows him here)



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    Johnny Smith - Favorites
    Johnny Smith Trio - Easy Listening
    Johnny Smith - Johnny Smith (Verve)
    Charlie Byrd - The Guitar Artistry of Charlie Byrd

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    I'll add one:
    Hank Garland - "Jazz Winds From a New Direction"

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    Birelli Lagrene - Standards

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    Earl Klugh, any of yhem

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    Wes Montgomery- Smokin' at the Half Note (or any other)
    John McLaughlin- Extrapolation
    Barney Kessel- Poll Winners Three
    Grant Green- Idle Moments
    John Basile- The Desmond Project
    Pat Metheny- Question and Answer
    George Benson- Beyond the Blue Horizon
    Jim Hall & Ron Carter- Alone Together
    Jimmy Bruno- Burnin'
    Larry Coryell- Spaces

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    The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Take Five (

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    Grant Green - Live at Club Mozambique (Slammin' grooves, swingin' band, GG's most inventive and fun funk-fest. Maybe more funk than jazz, but any jazz guitarist will love what GG's up to here!)

    Pat Metheny - Day Trip/Bright Size Life (PM deserves more than one disc on this list, and for me, these are the 2 that I come back to repeatedly. The melodies are gorgeous, each trio band is tight, and Pat's playing is the exciting and expressive that it's ever been IMHO).

    Steve Kahn - The Suitcase (Live) (SK with an unbeatable rhythm section of Anthony Jackson and Dennis Chambers - fun, exciting, and the playing by all involved is exquisite. Some of the compositions tend to sound a bit alike, but when it's all this good, I don't mind a bit).

    Front Page (Birelli LaGrene, Dennis Chambers, and Dominic Di Piazza - probably my favorite modern trio recording, these guys simply cook. LaGrene and Di Piazza are true virtuosos, and for me this recording brings out the best of them both in ways that their solo recordings never consistently capture. And Chambers on drums - he's just a force onto himself, and he keeps this whole thing driving and kicking forward with thrilling momentum. For its compositions, playing, production values - really, every available category, this one's not to be missed!)

    There are more, I'm sure, but for now these get my vote!

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    Kurt Rosenwinkel, Deep Song
    Bill Frisell, History, Mystery
    Grant Green, Idle Moments
    John Abercrombie Quartet, The Third Quartet
    Liberty Ellman, Tactiles
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    Submitted by mail:

    • Pat Metheny - Bright Size Life
    • Joe Beck - Strangers in the Night

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    John McLaughlin - My Goal's Beyond
    Pat Martino - Exit
    Pat Metheny - Bright Size Life
    Wes Montgomery - The incredible Jazz Guitar of Wes Montgomery
    Joe Pass - Virtuoso

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    Joe Pass virtuoso
    Manitas da Plata
    Barney Kessel

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    Kenny Burrell - Midnight Blue
    Pat Metheny/Charlie Haden - Beyond the Missouri Sky

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    Joe Pass - Virtuoso

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    i think Wichcraft from George Benson should be in the list
    also some from joe pass, maybe those called Virtuoso?


    PS: btw this is my first post here, hello!

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    One towers above the rest: Kenny Burrell - Guitar Forms, with arrangements by Gil Evans. One of the most beautiful jazz albums ever recorded.


    Jim Hall, with Bill Evans - Undercurrents
    Genius x 2, communicating almost telepathically.

    Wes, Barney Kessel, Tal Farlow, Django Reinhardt, other Burrell - too many to choose from.

    (Someone said Earl Klugh. Was that a joke?)
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    My favourites: all Emily Remler-albums:

    Emily Remler - Firefly
    Emily Remler - Take Two
    Emily Remler - Transitions
    Emily remler - Catwalk
    Emily Remler - East to Wes
    Emily Remler - This is Me.

    Larry Coryell & Emily Remler - Together
    Wes Montgomery - The Incredible Jazz guitar of Wes M.
    Pat Martino - Remember (Wes Montgomery)
    Barbara Jungfer - Berlin Spirits
    Kenny Burell - Midnight Blue

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    hey, i'll pick a few that are a little "off the beaten path"

    barry galbraith-- guitar and the winds (one of the few albums featuring the great barry as a leader)

    kenny wheeler-- angel song (possibly bill frisell at his finest)

    ahmad jamal-- chamber music of the new jazz (guitarist ray crawford shines here as the ultimate in understatement--a TRUE accompanyist)

    emily remler-- firefly (sure she sounds a bit like wes here, but it's TASTY)

    paul motian--garden of eden (3 guitarists!, including a rather subdued but still awesome ben monder)

    and a few "everyone who plays jazz guitar should have these" choices:

    jimmy raney-- wisteria, the master, raney '81, hell, ANYTHING he did on criss cross or steeplechase.

    phillip catherine-- thinking of you (a tribute to chet baker with tom harrell and hein van de gein. AWESOME)

    grant green-- green street and matador (for those who think grant was only good at playing over two chord vamps)

    wolfgang muthspiel-- real book tales (i think the title is right, i only have this as some swiped mp3's from a friend--sorry wolfgang, i'll buy it soon)
    nice, modern takes on some old chestnuts.

    ed bickert (with don thompson) at the garden party-- fantastic guitar/bass duos that really allow you to hear ed's genius.

    wes montgomery-- a dynamic new sound (this is old wes, but still my favorite...i love the 'round midnight on here about as much as any version i've ever heard)

    oh, one more!

    jim hall/art farmer: big blues (there's just something about this record)

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    Another email submit:

    Tuck Andress - Wreckless Precision

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    Not sure if these would make everyone's top 100 but I have to mention...
    Tuck Andress - Reckless Precision
    Kurt Rosenwinkel - Deep Song
    Charlie Hunter - Bing Bing Bing (Not sure which album to choose for CH)

    Maybe something representative of more "far-out" players like Marc Ribot, Derek Bailey, or Ben Monder...

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    - Barney Kessel: Kessel Plays Standards (must have)
    - Progressions: 100 years of jazz guitar (must listen to disc 2 and 3)
    - Pat Martino: All sides now (must learn I'm confessing)
    - Franco Cerri: Di Jazz in Jazz (must know the Italian old guy)
    - many others

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    Pat Martino's "El Hombre" (especially for "Just Friends")

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    Joe Pass - Virtuoso
    Joe Pass - Live at Montreaux
    Joe Pass and Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen - Chops
    Lenny Breau - Live on Bourbon Street
    John McLaughlin - After the Rain
    Keith Jarrett - Koln Concert
    Kurt Rosenwinkel - Deep Song
    Joe Henderson - So Near, So Far
    Wes Montgomery - Full House
    Theloneous Monk - Straight, no Chaser
    Miles Davis - Kind of Blue

    Crap...where do you stop?

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    Charlie Christian - Genius of the electric guitar
    Wes Montgomery - Smoking at the half-note
    Ed Bickert - Live at the Garden Party
    Jimmy Raney - Jimmy Raney : A
    Johnny Smith - Moonlight in Vermont (w. Stan Getz)
    Joe Pass - Virtuoso
    George Benson - Beyond the Blue Horizon
    Jim Hall - Alone Together (w. Ron Carter)
    Lenny Breau - Live at Bourbon St.
    Pat Martino - Exit

    Not too original, I guess.

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    Hi from Lyons, France. Thank you for letting me share this moment with you. This the first time I take part in a forum and I'm an absolute beginner with smileys, icons or whatever. It's never too late.
    From a jazz guitar lover's point of view, If I can add two names in the list of guitar players I have already seen, I will say Django Reinhardt for many of his recordings and René Thomas for Greetings

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    Pat Metheny: Still Life Talking (third wind)
    Pat Metheny: Travels (live)
    Martin Taylor: Double Standards.
    Larry Coryell: Shining Hour
    Joe Pass: Virtuoso
    Larry Carlton: Strikes Twice
    Pat Martino: Footprints
    Chuck Mangione: Feels so good for Grant Geissman's amazing solo work
    Steely Dan: Aja
    Jimmy Bruno: Burnin'
    Al DiMeola: Elegant Gypsy

    " goes up to Eleven....." Nigel Tufnel (Spinal Tap)

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    Damn, I forgot Lenny Breau

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    Charlie Byrd at the Village Vanguard

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    Hi Dirk,

    I was gonan say Kenny Burrell - Midnight Blue - really love that album but someone has already mentioned it. I have a great Wes Montgomery album of covers A Day In The Life (1967) great album though I know he's already been mentioned a few times.


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    Ed Bickert--This is New
    Ed Bickert/ Lorne Lofsky--At Last
    Ted Greene--Solo guitar
    Jim Hall--All Across the City
    Tal Farlow--The Swinging Guitar of Tal Farlow
    Django Reinhardt--Djangology

    Already a fantastic list--Like many, there are so many others have suggested that I totally agree with--a lifelong playlist for anyone who loves jazz guitar!

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    Norman Brown - After the Storm
    Russ Freeman - Drive
    Eric Gale - Forecast; Blue Horizon
    Grant Geissman (Anything by him)
    Earl Klugh - One on One
    Pat Metheny - American Garage
    Joe Pass (Anything by him)
    Django Rehinhardt ( Anything by him )

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    some more:

    Frank Zappa: Jazz from Hell
    Joe Diorio Trio : Live
    Mike Stern: Play

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    Charlie Byrd - At The Village Vanguard
    Charlie Byrd - The Guitar Artistry Of...
    Charlie Byrd - The Best Of The Concord Years
    Django Reinhardt - Guitar Genius
    Various Gypsy Artists - Gypsy Swing
    Herb Ellis & Joe Pass - Seven, Come Eleven
    Herb Ellis & Joe Pass - Two For The Road
    Howard Alden & George Van Eps - 13 Strings
    Jeff Beck - Live at Ronnie Scott's
    Jim Nicols - Jazz & Country
    Jimmy Raney - Raney '81
    Jimmy Raney - Wisteria
    Joe Pass - Appassionato
    Joe Pass - The Complete Pacific Sessions
    Joe Pass - Virtuoso No4
    Kenny Burrell - Ballad Essentials
    Luiz Bonfa - Solo In Rio 1959
    Merle Travis - Strictly Guitar
    Mimi Fox - Perpetually Hip

    I'm sure I've missed a few out, but theses are my favourites and go everywhere on my iPod.

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    top 100 huh? just a few thoughts
    Bucky and John Pizzarelli - Contrasts (you get two greats in one)
    Al DiMeola, John McLaughlin, Paco DeLucia - Friday Night in San Francisco
    Kenny Burrell - Midnight Blue

    and --- don't laugh --- I get a real kick watching her.
    back in the 50/60's there was this gospel / jazz singer and guitar playing woman "Sister Rosetta Tharpe" ; go look her up on YouTube and be entertained. See "That's All / Didn't it Rain" with Rosetta Tharpe and Chicago Blues All-Stars. Early 70’s concert at the Berliner Jazz Festival. Tharpe is playing her Gibson Barney Kessel. T-Bone Walker?, guitar; Lafayette Leake (or Big Maceo Merriweather), piano; Clifton James, drums; Willie Dixon, bass; Walker Horton, harmonica. O.K. go ahead and laugh a little...

    --first time post

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    In no particular order
    The bridge by sonny rollins (some of jim hall's finest playing)
    Jim Hall Live
    Boss Guitar by Wes Montgomery
    That's uptown by george benson (the cookbook is dope as well)
    Bright Size Life by the Pat Methany Group
    Man from two worlds by chico hamilton (a pre cheesy fusion Gabor Szabo)
    Beneath the Bassline by Ernest Ranglin, don't be fooled by the Ernest's history with the Skatalites, the man can play
    Kenny Burrell and John Coltrane, nuff said
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    Sorry One more... anything by Eric Johnson. Ah via Musicom and Venus Isle to name a couple.

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    Tal Farlow - The Swinging Guitar of Tal Farlow
    George Barnes - Blues Going Up
    Phillip Catherine - Guitars
    Django Reinhardt - Django's Guitar
    Wes Montgomery - Smokin' at the Half Note
    Johnny Smith - Moonlight in Vermont
    Grant Green - Complete Blue Note Recordings with Sonny Clark
    Rene Thomas Quintet - Guitar Groove
    Jimmy Raney/Kenny Burrell - Two Guitars
    Larry Coryell - Spaces

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    Joe Pass - Virtuoso
    Kenny Burell - Midnight Blue

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    Hank Garland - Jazz Winds From A New Direction (feat. a v. young Gary Burton)
    John Abercrombie - Timeless
    Ralph Towner - Solstice
    John McLaughlin - Extrapolation
    Wes Montgomery - Incredible Jazz Guitar Of...(surely the best of Wes?)
    Pat Metheny - Bright Size Life (Jaco!)
    Martin Taylor - Spirit of Django (the guy's a master!)
    Steve Khan - Got My Mental
    Charlie Christian - Complete Benny Goodman or Complete Columbia Recordings
    Spaces - Larry Coryell w. John McLaughlin
    John Scofield - Time On My Hands (Sco's finest I think)
    ...and finally my personal favourite jazz guitar album

    Miles Davis feat. John McLaughlin - Jack Johnson!!!

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    Lee Ritenour original founding member of the group "Fourplay".

    Lee Ritenour has been replaced by Larry Carlton, who has recorded with Lee in the past.

    If you have not heard Fourplay take a listen to the band at the 2008 Tokyo Jazz 2008 featuring Larry Carlton and the increadable Nathan East (Base - bio - The Official Site of Fourplay Jazz ) doing a Lee Ritenour tune.

    Lee Ritenour - Bali Run - Youtube
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    George Benson: Bad Benson. I think this was later released under the title Take Five - for good reason, because the performance of Take Five on this album is astounding.


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    The first two have been mentioned by others but they should be part of every guitar players album collection.

    Joe Pass - Virtuoso
    George Benson - Breezin'
    Howard Alden & George Van Epps - Hand Crafted Swing
    Howard Alden & Bucky Pizzarelli - In a Mellow Tone
    Howard Roberts - Somethings Cookin'
    Jimmy Raney and Doug Raney - Stolen Moments
    Jim Hall - Ballad Essentials
    Herb Ellis - Nothing But the Blues



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    Julie is her name-Julie London (Barney Kessel)
    Two Guitars (and a horn) George Barnes and Carl Kress

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    Joe Pass - Virtuoso
    Allan Holdsworth - Metal Fatique
    Herb Ellis/Joe Pass - Seven, Come Eleven
    George Benson - The George Benson Cookbook
    Grant Geissman - Good Stuff
    Howard Roberts - The Real Howard Roberts
    Joe Pass - pretty much his entire catalog!

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    Pat Martino - Consciousness (Muse, 1974) (re-released by 32. Jazz Records as Head & Heart: Consciousness/Live (1998)

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    Allan Holdsworth -- All Night Wrong

    George Van Eps -- Mellow Guitar

    Johnny Smith -- Moods

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    jazz albums,
    Ive got more then a few.
    So I will give you some of my favorits

    Lee Ritenour Wes Bound
    Lee Ritenour Alive in L.A
    Larry carlton deep in to it
    John Patitucci Mistura fina
    Tom kennedy basses loaded
    Dave weckl band live and verry plugged in
    Return to forever musicmagic
    Chic Corea now he sings, now he sobs
    Chic corea electric band paint the world
    Mike stern voices
    Dexter gordon GO GO
    John coltraine Blue train

    With most of these artist you can't easely go wrong, lee ritenour has only good stuff, larry carlton is a verry verry talented guitarist too,( check out the cd of thos two guys together larry and lee it's amazing ) for the more advanced listener and player I would recomend chic corea but then again the more advanced listener already knows his music. John Coltraine is a sax player but it's real jazz, verry free. Not all of these guys are guitarists there are bass players and drum players sax players but I think its a good collection also check out Al Di Meola , John Mclaughlin and his mahavishnu orchestra. Have fun !!!!

    @ MOD : will there come a list with all the albums so we can see what the list has become and had out to the music store

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    I'd like to second Tuck Andress - Reckless Precision