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    Oliver Nelson - Blues and the Abstract Truth
    Eric Dolphy - Out to Lunch
    Various Artists - The Greatest Jazz Concert in the World
    Oscar Peterson - Night Train
    Oscar Peterson - Canadiana Suite
    Joe Pass (w/Herb Ellis) - Two for the Road


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    More of a Jazz/Fusion flavor:
    Jeff Beck: Blow by Blow
    Return to Forever: Romantic Warrior

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    Awesome power in these six string wonders. Keep at it!

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    alan holdsworth--(non to soon)mick goodrick =with gary burton quintet..bill frisell=ginger baker trio,pat metheny =80/81.any wayne krantz.gorge benson=bad benson.mike miller = mike miller quintet.mahavishnu orchestra=visions of the emeral beyond.most of this stuff is not in the purist sense of the jazz genre but it may set a standard for the possibilities to stive for and the diversity for which it stands.thanks for all your inspiration.dunc

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    John Scofield - A Go Go

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    Some of my favorites...

    Joe Pass - Blues for Fred (a tribute to Fred Astaire - beautiful)
    George Benson - Bad Benson or Breezin'
    Emily Remler - Take Two
    Al DiMeola - Elegant Gypsy
    Jeff Beck - Blow by Blow
    Wes Montgomery - California Dreamin' or A Day in the Life
    Earl Klugh - Living Inside You Love or Fingerpaintings or Heartstring
    Norman Brown - After the Storm

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    Kenny Burrell: Introducing Kenny Burrell
    Grant Green: Green Street, The Complete Quartets with Sonny Clark or anything else from his Blue Note recordings

    More recent:
    Bobby Broom: Stand!
    Bill Frisell: Bill Frisell, Ron Carter, Paul Motian
    Mark Whitfield: Trio Paradise
    Christian McBride, Nicolas Payton, Mark Whitfield: Fingerpainting

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    Quote Originally Posted by iparkin
    I will introduce a new guitarist to the mix the one of the father's of Jamaican SKA music which has some roots in JAZZ. The guitarist name is Earnest Ranglin
    Just to avoid confusion: The name is Ernest Ranglin.

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    Emily Remler & Larry Coryell - "Together"
    Larry Coryell, John Scofield & Joe Beck - "Tributaries"
    Larry Coryell & Philipe Catherine - "Twin House"
    Joe Pass - "Virtuoso"
    Barney Kessel, Herb Ellis & Charlie Bird - "Great Guitars at the winery"

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    The Antonio Carlos Jobim Songbook

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    Duke Robillard : Swing , Duke Robillard plays jazz
    Grant Green : idle moment , live at the lighthouse
    Kenny Burrell: Midnight blue
    Charlie Haden pat Metheny:beyond the missouri sky
    Wes Montgomery :Ultimate Wes montgomery ( round midnight )

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    Hi there,

    what you are planning is of course a pretty questionable adventure. One would have better put in a poll or something like that and ask the members directly what their favorite albums are. Mh. But sill, here's some
    additional suggestions, very subjectivechoice, of course, as all other will
    be as well:

    - Barney Kessel, Poll Winners
    - Jim Hall in Art Farmer Quartet Live at the Half Note, esp. because of
    "Stompin' a the Savoy"
    - Kim Hall "Live" in Toronto
    - Wes & Wynton Kelly, Smokin' at the Half Note
    - Barney Kessel,m Working Out with the BK Quartet
    - 6-LP-Set "The Jazz Guitar" (1983)
    - Guitar Player - an Album of Contempoprary Style by Modern Masters
    - The Jazz Guitar Album (2 LP, Verve)
    - The Concord Jazz Guitar Collection 1 & 2
    - Fun on the Frets (Antho)
    - Swing to Bop - Guitars in Flight

    So, the question remains: Where to start and where to end? Eddie Lang, Lonnie Johnson, Frank Zappa? So let's hope yr request will have a good substantial response, i.e. as many items as possible.



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    Great list - some new names for me to check out. I'd add:
    Sylvain Luc - Trio Sud
    Luiz Bonfa - Jacaranda
    Baden Powell - At the Rio Jazz Club
    Neal Alger - guitarist with Patricia Barber's band. Try her A Fortnight in France, for example.

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    Hi, Richard,

    yep, your idea to put Sylvain in, is great. I have just reviewed his latest
    CD for a German jazz mag, and I think him absolutely great and original.
    What abhout Lionel Louke?
    What about Martin Taylor?
    What about Herb Ellis w. Peterson at the Shakespeare Fest?
    What about the Great Guitars?
    What about Friday in San Francisco?
    What about Baden Powell's very first album Tristeza?
    What about Zoller's revolutionary Horizon Beyond?
    What about the forgotten René Thomas?
    What about Cal Collins on the Concrd label during the 70s/80s?

    And so on, endlessly. I cd go on no-stop adding names and recordings
    to this list, but I think I'd better quit and let all others put their proposals in.


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    Alex, I saw Sylvain Luc recently in Agde, talking and playing. He said ' I am not a jazz guitarist, I am an improvising guitarist'. Whatever, he should be in the list. Yes to your other suggestions!

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    A few albums I would like to anounce are:
    John Abercrombie - Abercrombie Quartet
    Bill Connors - Of mist and melting

    And my absolute guitar hero Ralph Towner:
    Ralph Towner - Solstice !!!
    Ralph Towner - Ana


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    chic corea with return to forever = light as a feather

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    Here's three of my favourites which I couldn't see on the list above:

    Pat Martino - El Hombre
    Kenny Burrell - Man At Work
    Joe Pass/Ella Fitzgerald - Take Love Easy

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    Quote Originally Posted by leegenix
    I'm glad some of you remembered artists like Herb Ellis, Tal Farlow. Let's not forget the late Tommy Tedesco formerly of Fernwood Tonight, The Gong Show, and many of contributions as a studio session player and mentor to Toto's guitarist. Tedesco was so smooth, he was talking to another musician while playing and made it look so easy, especially when not even looking at his fingers like it was nothing.
    Tommy Tedesco! I haven't even heard that name mentioned in decades! Off topic, but does anybody remember the name of his book that I used to live out of for about two years when I in my teens. It was red, with a big photo of Tommy and it was filled with entertaining anecdotes and stories about his experiences in the studio, etc.. Later on, I actually met him at visit to Berklee. he shocked everyone in the audience by saying "If you are playing on a fast tune and you don't know the changes, just play 1-2-3 (chromatic scale in other words), 1-2-3, 1-2,3, 1,2,3 real fast.! HA
    AAAAAAAAA!" It was classic.

    (On frets 5-7, for whatever that is worth).

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    I'm a bit late to the party, so I think everything has probably been mentioned by now. I didn't notice any mention of Joe Diorio though. I would add one of his trio recordings.

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    Pat Martino Footprints
    Pat Martino We´ll be together again
    John McLaughlin Extrapolation
    Jim Hall Live
    Pat Metheny Questions and answers
    Grant Green Street of dreams
    Mike Stern Give and Take
    Wes Montgomery Full House
    George Benson Bad Benson/ Body Talk
    Joe Pass Tudo Bem
    Michael Sagmeister Bouncing around/ Conversations with Pat Martino
    John Scofield Quartett Live on ENJA
    Joe Pass Intercontinental
    Kenny Burrell TinTin Deo

    Greetings From Germany

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    Joe Pass - Mosaic Box Set
    John Mclaughlin After The Rain
    Verve Jazz Masters: Tal Farlow
    Jim Hall & Bill Frisell - Hemispheres
    Ron Carter & Jim Hall: Telephone
    Emily Remler - This Is Me

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    Like all of us I do love the anglo american Blues and Jazz music, but by reeding all this posted highlights I am completly missing Django Reinhardt and his inheritance like Biréli Langrène and Sylvain Luc - my recommendation > the Gypsy Project!!!

    Beside those masters I would highly recommend Antony Wilson - known as a sideman of Diana Krall... (the girl in the other room)

    And Dominic Miller known as a sideman of Sting...

    Jeff Beck one of the most expressive and most individualistic players still!!!
    (Watch him performing with the 23 year old Tal Wilkenfield female bass player at Crossroads 2007 festival).

    Aswell I am missing Ry Cooder, who is probably one of the most versatily performers of today.

    My favorite Guitarist from Brazil is Yamandú Costa - watch him playing "Carinhoso" on youtube... (He plays Choro music on a 7 string classical guitar wich is typical for this style, wich usualy never plays with a double bass.)

    End before I stop here I have to make a bow for Mr. Chet Atkins who is more know as a country and western performer but is an outstanding Jazz Guitarist (14 Grammy Awards)(1967 - 1988 - 9 x Instrumentalist of the Year)

    Thats for now folks

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    Here's my pennys worth
    Midnight Blue and Guitar forms,- Kenny Burrell (sweet sounds,mmm)
    East west, -Bill Frisell (live trio with Frisells bangs whistles and tricks)
    Birds of Fire, -Manhvishnu Orchestra/John McLaughlin (jazz rocks maan)
    In a silent way, -Miles Davies feat. John McLaughlin (texture and flavour)
    Anything with Django Reinhardt (all that with just 2 fingers)
    Gypsy Project & Friends, -Bireli Lagrene (all that with just 4 fingers)
    Anything with Stochelo Rosenberg (all that without reading music)
    Intuite, -Pierre Bensusan (DADGAD heaven)
    Mambo Sinuendo, -Ry Cooder and Manuel Galban (when the rhythm starts to play..mmm, tasty)
    Marc Ribot y los cubanos postizos, -um, Marc Ribot (skronk me Castro baby)

    There's plenty more choices in other instruments, Theolonious, Miles, E.S.T. etc.

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    I forgot Bill Frisells version of Over The Rainbow - Motion Soundtrack - Finding Forester / Further East/Further West - this is real inovativ guitar playing ;-)


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    What about Bill Frisells version of 'Moonriver' on Bill Frisell with Dave Holland and Elvin Jones??

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    I know Jose Feliciano is not known for the Jazz idiom, but it was Jose's early Spanish bolero music that eventually re-directed me to Jazz. During his early Latin releases of albums like "Exitos de Jose Feliciano" and "Mas Exitos de Jose Feliciano" I was hearing these lush chords being played against the backdrop of Standard boleros from South America that really piqued my interest. What it was taking three guitarists (Trios) to perform on their guitars, Jose was doing on just one.

    I eventually hired a professional transcriptionist to tab out about 42 of Jose's songs from this era and I was absolutely right. There amidst those wonderful melodies and classic songs I found every imaginable advanced Jazz chord you could think of. And his soloing was just as excellent.

    From here I became more immersed in Jazz and discovered all the other great Jazz artists that I had never noticed before. So I have to forever salute Jose for opening up that wonderful world of Jazz to me.

    The music I am referring to is the music he used to play with just guitar, bass and percussion. After those years there were more elaborate orchestrations added to his music, and I felt that something was lost. Namely the fact that I wasn't able to hear that wonderful raw guitar as much as those early records. But I am forever a fan!

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    Wes Montgomery (almost everything) These two are the greatest
    Django Reinhardt (almost everything)

    Lenny Breau live at Bourbon Street and others (genius)
    Danny Gatton: Relentless and New York Stories (genius)
    Scotty Anderson: Triple Stop (country jazz fusion ~ staggering!)
    Jimmy Bruno: Burning (wow!)
    Joe Pass: Joyspring and many others
    Barney Kessel: Just Friends, live in Stockholm '73 (relentless swing)
    Grant Green: Green Street
    Howard Roberts & The Magic Band II, live in LA '68
    Pat Martino: Live at Yoshi's
    George Barnes: Don't get around much anymore
    John McLaughlin: Trio of Doom and live Mahavishnu Orchestra
    Johnny Smith (almost everything)
    Stochelo Rosenberg
    Frank Vignola

    The list just goes on and on and let's not forget the pioneers Eddie Lang and Charlie Christian.

    There are so many like Eddie Lang, Charlie Christian who set the way

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    Wes Montgomery - The Incredible Jazzguitar Of Wes Montgomery
    Kenny Burrell - Midnight Blue
    Tal Farlow - The Return Of Tal Farlow
    Grant Green - Green Street
    Grant Green - The Complete Quartets with Sonny Clarke
    Emily Remler - East To Wes
    Jimmy Raney - Jimmy Raney Visits Paris, vol 1&2
    Jesse van Ruller - Live At Murphy's Law
    Toots Thielemans - Blues Pour Flirter
    George Benson - Giblet Gravy

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    Won't try to be original - many of these have already been mentioned - but just off the top of my head from my own collection (past and present):
    Charlie Christian - Solo Flight-The Genius of Charlie Christian (orginal vinyl album on Columbia)
    Wes Montgomery - The Incredible Jazz Guitar of Wes Montgomery; The bluesy one he did with Jimmy Smith (don't remember the name)
    Herb Ellis & Charlie Byrd - Guitar/Guitar
    Joe Pass & Herb Ellis - Two For The Road
    Joe Pass - Virtuoso
    Jim Hall & Bill Evans - Intermodulation
    George Benson - It's Uptown or Cookbook
    Howard Roberts - Good Pickin's; HR is a Dirty Guitar Player
    Attila Zoller & Lee Konitz - When It's Time
    Kenny Burrell - Men at Work
    George Barnes & Bucky Pizarelli - Duo album (don't remember the name)
    Django - The Quintet of the Hot Club of France (double album).
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    Hi, This is my first post.

    I should put in the list some of these albums:

    "Tradicional ways":

    Charlie Christian: “Complete studio recordings”
    Django Reinhardt: "Djangology"
    Grant Green: "First recordings"
    Grant Green: "Idle moments"
    Wes Montgomery: "Complete live in Paris 1965"
    Jim Hall-Bill Evans: "Intermodulations"
    Kenny Burrell: “Blue lights”

    "New ways" (or something like that):

    Al Di Meola-John McLaughlin-Paco de Lucía: "Passion, grace & fire"
    Miles Davis (with John McLaughlin): “A tribute to Jack Johnson”
    John McLaughlin: “Extrapolation”
    Mahavishnu Orchestra: “The inner mounting flame”
    Mahavishnu Orchestra: “Birds of fire”
    Shakti: “A Handful of Beauty”
    John Scofield: “A go go”
    John Scofield: “Scolohofo”
    Allan Holdsworth: “Secrets”
    Ernest Ranglin: “Below the bassline”
    Ernest Ranglin: "Memories of Barber Mack"

    ...And two little Spanish masterpieces:

    Pedro Iturralde: "Jazz flamenco"
    Michel Camilo & Tomatito: "Spain"

    Regards from Spain

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    +1 on everything

    and Danny Gatton - Untouchable

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    Just came back from Jamaica. It was my first visit in 25 years. I was born there and spent 21 years of my life there. I went to the School of Music. While I was there Ranglin taught guitar.

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    I previously nominated Pat Martino's "El Hombre" (especially for "Just Friends"), but I must also second the nomination of Wes Montgomery, "Smokin' at the Half Note" and add
    Kenny Burrell, "Introducing Kenny Burrell" (his first, age 24);
    Pat Metheny, "Question and Answer" (especially for his blazing solo on "All the Things You Are"); and
    Grant Green, "Solid" (especially for "Minor League" and "Ezzthetic"; great example of his leading a hard bop combo that includes McCoy Tyner and Elvin Jones)
    Barney Kessel, "Solo" (his only solo album)

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    1. Tony Williams Lifetime - Believe it (with Alan Holdsworth)
    2. Jonathan Kreisberg (Salzau concert)
    3. Larry Carlton
    5. Joe Pass
    6. Gary Burton - Like minds (with Pat Metheny)
    7. Robben Ford - Leverkusen Jazztage
    8. Diana Krall - The girl in the other room (with Anthony Wilson)
    9. Nguyen Le - Maghreb and friends
    10 Antonio Forcione

    There are a lot of more to mention, but some are already posted.

    Greetings from Gelsenkirchen, Germany

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    Hi fellows guitarists,

    I'd like to add the following artists to that wonderful list :

    Robben Ford - Supernatural
    Luis Salinas - Salinas
    Ronny Jordan - The quiet revolution
    Russell Malone - All of you with Diana Krall
    Chuck Loeb - Grapewine with the Metro band
    Bireli Lagrène - (Solo, to Bi or not to Bi)

    and of course, i'm a great fan of Montgomery, Benson, Burrell, Ellis, Farlow, Martino, Kessel, Metheny, Ritenour and others

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    Pat Martino - El Hombre
    Kurt Rosenwinkel - The Remedy
    Joe Pass - Virtuoso
    Mike Moreno - Between the Lines
    Wes Montgomery - The incredible Jazz Guitar of

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    You have to mention charlie Christian.

    Also, two less-well known ut formidable players: the late Tod Vullo out of Houston, TX, USA, and Bobby Broom out of Chicago, IL, USA.

    I'm glad to be part of this. You all know so much!

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    I’m not sure if any of these greatest or top lists are a good idea or if they make any sense, particularly in reference to jazz. It’s like asking who was the better guitar player Joe Pass or Chet Atkins? How can you rate them, they were both great. But in any event, if you’re doing a list just for fun, here’s just a few of my favorites. Not in any order, and I tried to pick some non-typical selections. Any of these are great listening.

    • Wes and Friends – Wes Montgomery, Milt Jackson and George Shearing
    • Matchbook – Ralph Towner and Gary Burton
    • Body Talk – George Benson
    • White Rabbit – George Benson
    • Gypsy Project – Bireli Lagrene
    • Captain Fingers – Lee Ritenour
    • Consciousness – Pat Martino
    • Intermodulation – Bill Evans and Jim Hall
    • Inner Mounting Flame – Mahavishnu Orchestra
    • Tambu – Cal Tjader and Charlie Byrd
    • Alto – Ali Ryerson and Joe Beck
    • Johnny Smith – Johnny Smith (Verve)
    • Concierto – Jim Hall, Ron Carter, Paul Desmond
    • Virtuoso – Joe Pass
    • Woman on Top – Various artists
    • Next Stop Wonderland – Various artists
    • Dawg Jazz – David Grisman and Tony Rice
    • Southern Comfort – The Crusaders
    • Where Have I Known You Before – Return to Forever

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    Howard Roberts The Real Howard Roberts

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    Bill Evans/Jim Hall - Undercurrent
    Wes Montgomery/The Wynton Kelly Trio - Smokin' at the Half Note
    Pat Metheny/Brad Mehldau - Metheny/Mehldau Quartet
    Charlie Byrd - Bossa Nova Pelos Passaros

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    Fantastic lists but pulling it all together will be tough. If we want to add only new names, I'd throw in Ronnie Earl's Grateful Heart cd -- soulful, bluesy jazz that is sure to please everyone who hears it, even if they claim not to like jazz!

    A real service would be to get beyond the 'important' albums that we feel obliged to include in the jazz guitar canon and to have a discussion on what is great album by one artist e.g., lots of people cite Joe Pass' Virtuoso album and while I admire it, I don't love listening to it and would like to learn about alternative Pass recordings that capture other aspects of his playing. I also think some of Wes' catalog is just dull (sorry!) and would love to find a way of identifying the real gems in his catalog. And so on....but thanks all for the lists so far -- and I am sure will thank you too when I overspend again....

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    The Incredible Jazz Guitar of Wes Montgomery
    Lenny Breau Live at Bourbon Street
    Jazz Winds from a New Direction by Hank Garland
    Just about any Hot Club Quintet album with Django
    Gateway by John Abercrombie's Gateway trio
    Plus something by Eddie Lang and something by Charlie Christian - without these two there would be no jazz guitar tradition at all.

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    Rene Thomas - Guitar Groove: His ballad playing on "Ruby, My Dear" is worth the price of the admission alone

    Howard Roberts - Live at Donte's Volume 2

    George Barnes - Don't Get Around Much Anymore

    Jim Hall - Jazz Guitar Trio

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    my 2 cents on top 100 jazz gtr albums:

    Kurt Rosenwinkel : Heartcore
    Jonathan Kreisberg: Unearth
    Corey Christiansen : Awakening
    Nguyen Le: 3 trios
    David Torn : Cloud about Mercury
    Lage Lund: Early songs
    Pat Martino: Think tank

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    Here are few of mine for the top 100.

    I Remember Charlie Parker - Joe Pass
    The Song Within - Phil Keaggy
    One Quiet Night - Pat Metheny
    Remember: A tribute to Wes Montgomery - Pat Martino
    Coincidence - Joe Beck.
    Larry & Lee - Lee Ritenour & Larry Carlton


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    I forgot to add Spaces - Larry Coryell, has some great guitar going back and forth between Larry and John Mclaughlin.

    Also I can't understand how anyone can find any of Wes Montgomery's work "dull". Not even his more commercial later work, but everyone's entitled to their own opinion.

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    For me, the only ones discs that does not appear is from two great jazz guitar players:
    Chuck Loeb => #1 Smooth Jazz Radio Hits
    Peter White => By Candlelight

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    There are so many good jazz albums. I'm more into the fusion stuff to this list may not be pertentent. These are also the only albums I know and some of the artists have a few great albums.
    Can't wait for the complete list

    Cosmic Messenger - Jean Luc Ponty
    Lift off - Jeff Lorber Fusion
    Wyclifftower - Alan Holdsworth
    The Inner Mounting Flame - John McLaughlin
    Bitches Brew - Miles Davis
    School Days - Stanley Clarke & George Duke
    Unorthodox Behaviour - Brand X
    Bela Fleck and the Flecktones - Bela Fleck & The Flecktones
    One of a Kind - Bill Bruford

    Tribal Tech - Tribal Tech
    Vital information - Steve Smith

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    Django Reinhardt:IN MEMORIAM 1908-1954