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    Couple of words ...

    - The very last hit on very ending somehow got screwed up in video rendering.

    - 4 Instruments, in order of recording: Rhythm guitar, solo guitar, bass, drums.

    - Drums are just a random "easy jazz" midi file @ 120 bpm. It was added as the last thing, on top of all previous.
    Actually, I wanted to play drum part on Millenium MD-90 electronic drum pads, but torn wedding photo helped me realize the world of difference btw letting me buy it and letting me play it (while she's around).

    - Most of the time there was metronome going on, not always, but I don't really remember when ...

    - Bass is Squier Telecaster through Metal Bass patch on Boss SE70 and additional octaver in DAW, simultaneously doubled by triggered acoustic bass sound via GK3/GI20. It was recorded over rhythm guitar, without listening to solo.

    - Solo guitar is Charvell Desolation through BOSS SE70, my custom preset inspired by Pkirk's thread about Rozenvinkel's sound. I added more delay in DAW.
    The melody of this tune is really nice and all, but all the time I was haunted by another one, which became almost explicit in 2nd part of the 2nd to last chorus. So, unless you quit too soon ...

    - Rhythm guitar is also Charvell through SE 70, factory default preset "rotary speaker", or Leslie organ", something like that. I was too lazy to play it 2 times, so n the mix I doubled it by using some delay.

    So, yeah. Kris, hope you're drunk enough ...

    How High The Moon/ pontoon-ferry-across-danube
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    I hereby decree that all further submissions should involve a rotating leslie.

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    ... push ...