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    You need someone with reasonably good video editing software to do this. When we did it, I sent my video file to Dick and he superimposed his video onto it, as he had some quite fancy software. I couldn't do it with any of the video editing programs I have.
    We tried to do it with my friend who live in another city, he is in computer programming... he did not find a way to make it without delays... we did it also one after another, but I did not really like it this way


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jehu
    Hey, once we have the technology for real-time interweb jamming, it will take these threads to a whole new level!
    Hi Jehu, you shouldn't have suggested that! I have captured your comping, looped it to 2 choruses, and played a solo on top (hope you don't mind)!

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    graham that was some solid work. Your lines have definite direction and purpose, very melodic!

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    Sweet, I'm famous! Very nice, Graham. It takes some serious talent to play on that shaky ground!

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    Thanks guys! I guess I think about melody and structure a lot, definitely a priority for me.

    Jehu, you actually kept the beat pretty well. I did cheat a bit by creating a sort of 'click track' by tapping a pencil to it, but that was just to help me keep to the same beat.

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    It's been such a pleasure watching and listening to everything this months thread !!! this month for me, has taken me from one side of jazz, to the other....and been filled with so much information. I'm sure it will be years to absorb lol I only wish i was able to contribute more this month . But ! i tell you i've learned a ton. I'm so excited !! for this month !! whats the new song ? I need a head start lol Great job guys.

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    Yes, what's cool about this is that I am actually quite lazy when it comes to learning new tunes, so this makes me learn one every month. I mean I sometimes learn a fancy Wes Montgomery or Charlie Parker tune, but I tend to neglect the 'songbook/standards'. And sometimes they are not tunes I even like that much, so I would never learn them normally. Which makes it a good discipline to do it in spite of that. And I always learn something new.

    For example, All of You is not a favourite of mine, but some of the changes were quite tricky so I had to figure out how to approach them, and this produced some new ideas. And doing it solo was challenging, this also made me come up with some new stuff.

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    So what the new tune for the month

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    Maybe it would be good to keep the polls in the same subforum as the threads.

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    I know, it's nearly five years ago (and there was actually some life and enthusiasm on the PS threads) but I thought I'd give this a spin. Personally, I think it's a pretty desultory tune. I don't think Cole was at his best when he wrote this one. We wouldn't get away with 'I want complete control of you' today!

    Anyway, I've changed the Abm6 to major because the m6 is just too depressing... What others have said about it being difficult for learners is very true. And as for chord melody... I leave that to others :-)