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    As a beginner/hobbyist I find this thread very timely. I'm just starting to learn arpeggio-based soloing, and AL would be *the* tune to experiment with, right?

    Right now I'm starting the 2nd part of the Mikey Baker book, where he teaches building solos using arpeggios. Looking at the Vanilla Changes for the song, I'm using the following arpeggios to build my solo:

    For the verse:

    | Am | % | Gmaj | % | B7b9 | % | Em | % |
    | Am | % | Gmaj | % | B7b9 | % | Em | % |

    For the chorus:

    | B7b9 | % | Em | % | Am | % | Gmaj | % |
    | B7b9 | % | Em | % | B7b9 | % | Em | % |

    This *seems* to work fine, for a very basic solo. Am I too far off the mark?

    My idea is, once I can build a solo using these arpeggios, to use the arp's for the chords as they appear in the Real Book. At this point, I will be moving between arp's twice as fast, so it will make sense to start to study the chapters in the Baker Book that talk about connecting arpeggios.

    By the way, what's up with the 2 bars that go

    Em7 Eb7 | Dm7 Db7

    ? The Sixth Edition Real Book has them as

    Em7 A7 | Dm7 C7

    and the Vanilla Book as just

    Em | Em

    Why are the 2 non-vanilla versions back-cycling to a C, but then instead of C you get F#mb5?


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    Hey Fep, love that arrangement! It's pretty close to what I am hoping to do. I may have to steal some ideas from yours

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    And why not...

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    well if you’re going to do it, I will too. This is about 10 years old though!

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    They'll all be at it now, thank god. Summat to do, innit? All those luvly tunes just waiting for us...

    You were younger then, now look at you :-)

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    I'm ashamed to admit I don't know this tune. Summertime either. For that matter, pretty much all the "top" standards I have yet to learn. I keep telling myself I'm going to sit down and do it....and it never seems to happen.

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    Well, that's just naughty!

    ... and the living is easy da da da :-)