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    Hiya all, This is the new song thread for "You Go To My Head". I am having a problem getting into so it might be a day or two before I can put up the backing tracks. Problem solved!!!! This is a BIAB realtracks backing track based on a Bill Evans Trio style. Also, Tom, (Oilywrag) has sent us a backing track with a nice piano intro, suitable for use for th Showcase thread!

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    Well, I decided to do this one first since more folks were rockin' the Brubeck...

    This was done in my living room...tried to play it like I'd play it if the camera wasn't right in front of me (sorry about the bad angle...I know you'd much rather look at my guitar than my ugly mug! Still getting a hang of this video business...I like how I can hide behind audio only!)

    Anyway, enough excuses:

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    nice job Jeff! I like the voicings you used for this song and the ending was especially nice with the harmonics. You are getting a well-balanced tone with your guitar and IMHO, that is very good quality of sound for chord melodies.


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    Beautiful, Jeff!! You definitely have a solid handle on this type of playing. I'm working on a chord melody for this tune (not my strength), and may steal (um... I mean borrow), a few of your ideas.

    Thanks for posting a video, it really helps for those of us more "visual" learners.

    What a great tune, eh? I must say I pretty much hadn't heard this tune prior to this exercise, but am now really digging it.

    BTW....Liked the "canine percussion" in the background too.

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    Thanks gents.

    Yeah, that jingle would be Benson, my poodle/jack russell mix. And yes, he's named after that Benson.

    sgreb, feel free to take anything you want---that's what these posts are all about--and if there's something you can't see, as I obviously moved the camera up a bit before I started recording (that was supposed to look a lot more like a Reg video, and then I was too lazy to do another take) let me know and I'll explain the voicings...most of them are pretty straight forward.

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    Jeff, very nice indeed.

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    Great job.

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    Great playing Jeff, I'll have to check out that tune, never heard it before.

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    Thanks, you three.

    I'm surprised folks haven't heard this tune...I thought it bounded on a "standard of standards."

    By the way, I hope somebody else posts on this one...I love hearing everybody's different takes on the same tune...

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    This is my first cut for "You Go To My Head". It has a four bar intro and four choruses. The first chorus is me comping and the rest are me trying to improvise. My ending is kind of flakey but my computer is currently dead so I couldnt do another take. I'm working on a chord melody and I will submit it when the computer is fixed. All suggestions and comments are very helpful for me.

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    Hey Howie,

    As always, I love how tasteful your playing is--tasty chords, loved the laid-back lead lines. You always sound very relaxed, which isn't easy to do once the little red light is on!

    I didn't think the sound quality was there with some of your other recordings though--I really couldn't hear the backing that some of the problems you've been having, or my lousy computer speakers here at work? I'd help you troubleshoot-- if I had any idea what I was talking about!

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    Great comping, and tasty lead; but (as Jeff stated), I couldn't hear the backing track to get a real sense of the harmonic progression.

    Thanks for posting, Wiz!!

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    Mr. B: You are right on top of my problem Mr. B! I really have a BAD sound recording system, Jeff. I recently purchased a new camcorder to be able to make videos for my students and these great learning threads. I hope the audio will be better quality. I have the video system going now but gotta get up the moxie to submit something with it. Thank you very much for your kind words about my playing on this one. Your comments are truly appreciated.

    sgreb: you are right about not being able to hear the backing track very well. I am in the process of putting together a better recording process to improve my recording efforts. As to the harmonic content, this was mostly improv based on what I hear with little thought about any thing except the nice melody of the song. Thank you very much for your comments.


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    very nice playing

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    Great job Mr B. It is a very beautiful tune that I heard Bille H do the first time I heard it. Hauntingly beautiful. I too am having trouble with my pc so I have yet to hear Wiz´s version, but am looking forward to it. Thank you!

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    Kman, I love how everything you play is the blues. Nice feel...some songs drag at such a slow tempo, but I think TGTMH is good enough to give it this treatment...made me wanna drink a scotch and sit in a dark room.

    Unfortunately, it's 10am.

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    Excellent job Mr.B and Kman. I really enjoyed both versions even though they are very different.

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    I'm starting to listen to these recordings...

    Kurt, nice job, I like how your style comes thru even when playing standards

    Ella, great job, I'm particularly found of the blues lines. Joe, what can I say... just great.

    Jeff, Digging it, Impressed at how you can improvise while playing a chord melody and keep it interesting throughout.

    Howard, enjoyed your take. Was there an accompainment way in the background, couldn't hear that but enjoyed your guitar playing.

    Gotta go, I'll listen to more later.

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    Nice vibe and tone on yours, Kman! Props to Jeff & Howie, too.

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    very cool kman!!

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    Ahh, the sweet and mellow sounds or Kman. Great use of space... very "patient" playing. Great stuff.

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    Thanks guys. What a great song. I had not played this before. Then I listened to the Pass/Ella version, which is amazing, and then saw Diana Krall do it on youtube. I also heard the Billy Holliday version, so I thought I'd try it. I love this song now. This is a great thread. It would be nice if some more players would get involved.

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    I'm late working on this tune. But from the start I have found this vocal by Diana Krall to be a beautiful model. It's not the canonical version, nor the paramount guitar version, but I think it has the spontaneity that we appreciate in jazz. It's like they are feeling their way through it. And it's a beautiful video with some nice guitar.