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    Thanks.... yea maybe this tune is a little weird... I sure don't feel it yet, I'll try one more version... maybe get it right... I remember back at berklee when Pat was there and this tune came out, there were a few other tunes called exercises that also made it into that 1st real Book. Talk to Steve Swallow... Reg


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Baltar Hornbeek Guest
    Gosh, genuine modesty and so humble. You just don't see that these days. Who does it serve?

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    Hey Reg, Nice video again! I really appreciate your playing, it always swings in a groove and feels good.
    I am still having difficulty playing this tune so I have slowed it down to about 95 and am playing mostly arpeggios connected by ear over the changes. I can't seem to get into a melodic sense with it. If I had to play the tune on a gig, I would find a way to get through it but it would not be something I would like. I will keep working on it until we move to another song.


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    Bright Size Jaco

    Here's a version of sgreb's backing track edited to play out to the end.

    That was 2 fine takes, sgreb! I think you've got it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sgreb

    In the above link, I wrote down how I perceive the song from an improv perspective.

    I am self-taught (before the internet) and utilized my ear mostly to arrive at these conclusions.

    Essentially the song alternates back and forth from DMaj to Dmin tonalities. There are some other deviations, which I noted.

    This is just my simple mind in action, but it seems to work well to enable excellent improv over this tune.
    I just noticed you had posted the pdf above; thanks for that and the vids!
    Going between DM and Dm like that does sound good!

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    hmm... Seems i gat a whole lot of home work to do

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    The more I hear this tune... the more I hear it as a pretty simple rock tune... Take a few yakity yak choruses and then just wail....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reg
    The more I hear this tune... the more I hear it as a pretty simple rock tune... Take a few yakity yak choruses and then just wail....

    I think that this comment diminishes the harmonic sophistication and melodic possibilities that this song presents. Although it can be broken down into a simple thinking process, I feel reducing it to a basic rock approach is a mistake.

    Also I know many "rock guitarists" who would look at this tune and have no idea as to how to approach it in the first place. More importantly most "rock guitarists" would not consider this a "rock song" and would have very little interest in tackling it.

    That said, if the drummer plays a rock beat, your bass player nails the tonic on every beat 1, and your accompanist plays rhythmically straight, the song will definitely lean well into a land of ROCK!! (or perhaps bad fusion).

    So... lets try it! ROCK ON!!!! (hold on to your britches)

    ....have to pull out my early 90's Technicolor rock guitar for this

    I hope Pat never gets wind of this joke

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    OK... maybe I shouldn't have said Rock, as a jazz player... we tend to call simple, single harmonic pentatonic hang outs and wail ...rock... more of a slang term... I stand corrected... but it was well worth being wrong... that was great entertainment... just long enough. And yea... that's close to what I had in mind... maybe a little different, but close enough... Thanks Reg