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    One more then I'm done. Promise.

    Intellectualism has crept slowly into learning this music. A form of first-world navel gazing. Scales, arps, methods. This music is African. Notice the genius of childlike simplicity. How memorable. Back in the day I saw Stern and Brecker together three times. A wall of sound and I can't remember any of it. Incredible yes, but memorable no.

    Listen to these two tunes. Watch Monk and his physical reaction. Hauntingly memorable. Why? Syncopation.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Quote Originally Posted by freud
    Hey Christian. Can you throw in an example? A piece of music that talks about it?
    Louis Armstrong’s quarter notes.

    or any great bass player for that matter; or Freddie Green for that matter.

    When there is no syncopation, the music continues to swing. Why? The negative space creates the upbeat swing.

    Try practicing quarter notes and releasing the note exactly on the swing ‘and’