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    Woke up this morning with a jolly earworm of Monk's "Think of One" and soon after came upon this thread. The contrast between accenting one and two and downbeat and upbeat, both of which he exaggerates on this tune, reminded me of crucial elements of syncopation.


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    Starting and ending a guitar motif on the beat lol. Travis's drumming is a good example of syncopation tho.

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    Hey, very nice examples. But can someone send you an example of a phrase or a few phrases, improvisations where you can hear a clave? The rhythm itself is quite simple but I don't know how to use it strictly in improvising and building ideas. Is it about playing in one sequence 8 or 16 and accentuating the notes according to clave? Or rather such a construction of the phrase that the beginning and the end were inserted in the rhythm of the clave? I can't imagine it.