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    Since we've been at this a good hot minute, I figured it was time to post a list of all the tunes we've done and re-explain the loose "rules" we have here to hopefully invite new folks to the jam.

    First, the "rules" (in quotations because adding real "rules" is a fun sponge)

    1. This virtual jam is for jazz tunes written by jazz artists, for the most part. We're not calling Great American Songbook tunes, as there is already a "Practical Standards" thread, and we're not here to step on the toes of those folks who have been at it much longer than the virtual jam.

    2. This is an all inclusive, all levels jam. If you want advice, criticism, critique, ask for it. Keep comments positive, but be helpful. Anybody who vibes another player will receive passive and not so passive aggression from me on every post you make, for all eternity, until you die or leave the forum, whichever comes first. Ok, not really, but the general rule is "Don't be a dick."

    3. Play the head, or not. This is about improvisation. Don't post a transcription. Don't work out a whole solo. Don't spend all week making a solo guitar arrangement. Just put down your phone and do a take. Keep it fresh. I personally like short, like I was at a real jam, but play as many choruses as you want.

    4. If you want to call a tune, send me a PM with your intent. Do NOT tell me the tune. I like to be surprised. If you want to call a tune, I will fit you into our current rotation. New members will be put in sooner for now, because new blood at the jam is a good thing, and I want to encourage people. If it is your week to call a tune, PM me the name of the tune on the THURSDAY of that week by around NOON CHICAGO TIME. This forum is based in Belgium...so the tunes have Friday dates, I post them here from Chi Town Thursday afternoons so our folks in Europe can wake up Friday morning and the tune is already posted.

    5. One last thing re: tune calling. It's not a terrible idea to browse YouTube and see if there's any decent tracks before you pick a song. Tunes with better tracks seem to get better participation.

    Ok, ON TO THE LIST!!!


    1/15 Whisper Not
    1/22 Beatrice
    1/29 So What/Impressions
    2/5 Yardbird Suite
    2/12 Recordame
    2/19 Night Dreamer
    2/26 Nica's Dream
    3/5 Work Song
    3/12 Dolphin Dance
    3/19 Idle Moments
    3/26 UMMG
    4/2 Unit 7
    4/9 In Your Own Sweet Way
    4/16 Tune Up
    4/23 Along Came Betty
    4/30 Cantaloupe Island
    5/7 In Walked Bud
    5/14 Wave
    5/20 This I Dig of You
    5/28 Afternoon in Paris
    6/4 The Blues (Any blues tune changes)
    6/11 Rhythm Changes (Any R.C. tune)
    6/18 Lady Bird
    6/25 A Child is Born
    7/2 Strasbourg/St. Denis
    7/9 Voyage
    7/16 Grooveyard
    7/23 Spain
    7/30 Red Clay
    8/6 Sister Sadie
    8/13 Road Song
    8/20 In a Mellow Tone
    8/27 Milestones (old)
    9/3 Let's Cool One
    9/10 Solar
    9/17 Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise
    9/24 Donna Lee
    10/1 Nuages
    10/8 Maiden Voyage
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