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    Zero issues with the John A. Banter forth, my liege.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter C
    Nice tone wzpgsr. Wondering if that's a vintage vibe pup on your archtop.
    Thanks. It is a Vintage Vibe, yes. I took a flyer on this guitar a couple of weeks ago and haven’t really touched another for more than a few minutes since.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John A.;[URL="tel:1133874"
    Great job on the head. I thought the solo really cooked for the most part, too. Your time was really good, tone, phrasing, ideas too, though right at the end it seemed like you were kind of bailing out.
    Thanks, I kind of was bailing. It’s like running a 200m sprint at 110% and then falling apart at the last 15m.

    John I loved the rakes your throwing down, very well executed!

    I see the banter and niggling as friendly “joshing”. When we have disagreements but want to make sure it doesn’t come across harsh we tease. I for one do not agree at all with the assessment made concerning jams, I think they are fun, rewarding, and healthy for musical development. I can definitely see how it would be problematic for some personality types, but given the right situation and right jam session the rewards are priceless.

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    John, I think someone else mentioned it your articulations are really strong and clear. Nice use of motifs!

    Triple Jazz, you’re going for it and not playing safe, very cool. Really stretching out!