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    I've been absent for a little while. I'm really quite active digesting all of your approaches and feedback from this thread. At present I'm working with my friend Mick, who is an instructor and author and we're working on coming up with a teaching approach based on levels of ability, each level with its own abilities and exercises according on what's involved.
    It's one way to address specific ways of playing and hearing at different levels, and making the smooth transition from music lover to music maker and finally satisfied human being who makes art.
    I'm trying to incorporate some of those things into a three week segment that works with different levels of ability.
    More to come!
    Thanks to all!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ukena
    So here's my alternate tune for All The Things You Are. I did some playing around with motifs, and tried to incorporate some other suggestions.

    Awesome lines. Loving those motifs and a nice little quote from the Autumn leaves. I have been flatted out with work. Hopefully I get to do some practice this weekend.

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    Thanks, Jbn and Jerry405; I really appreciate your feedback.

    I look forward to what's to come – I get a lot out of this approach.