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    About 8 months ago I took some advice and made a huge change in my transcribing. I now consistently put it over chords.

    That is, I sit with the notes written out, listen back, count out one two three four, and put hash marks on the 1's. Then fill in chords from the Real Book, record a track and play over it.

    And the lesson is . . . SPACE and timing.

    Often the soloist plays a long phrase, and ENDs on the '1' of a measure, then leaves space.

    Miles and Sonny Rollins often skip whole measures. Miles often leaves the first ending of an A Section blank. Coltrane starts his solo on the FOURTH measure of the form, on Trane's Blues.

    And this is so different from how most students think. A revelation!


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I must confess I am a bit baffled that anyone would transcribe a solo without marking the chords as well, this is something I have always done. In addition, I always mark where each 8-bar section of an AABA form ends, with double barlines. Sometimes I also write ‘1st chorus’, ‘2nd chorus’ etc.

    Without this information, I don’t feel I’m getting the whole picture as to where the soloist is placing their phrases against the form and the harmonic structure.

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    Yeah, I was just lazy for a long time!

    I did used to say, oh, here's a scale and he's backing up and repeating the B flat -- but yeah, you need the whole process.