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    The way I see it, rhythm is rather abstract thing if not rooted in some kind of physical reality, I mean when not grounded in the body perception is subjective -- time stretches during busy parts and contracts when the music is sparse - it may easily go unnoticed. Clocks have real parts oscillating -- pendulum, atoms, the planet itself turning, so having a moving body definitely helps.
    Playing alone or with a metronome or soloing relying on solid rhythm section is one thing - if technique permits it is not that difficult. Providing pulse when everyone is all over the place is more challenging.
    Not that I completely deny possibility that one can not have good time if he is standing still, but most people whose time I admire visibly dance when they play:

    I believe for those who do not move there still is some physical sensation they rely on - may be subtle and unnoticed, but real nevertheless.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    of course ... in the end: it is alive, we are a part of it.

    with this thread in mind, I monitored myself on the Piano this morning, there is lots of movement indeed.

    It doesn't have to be, but there is tapping with the left leg, slightly rocking from the upper body, head noddings.

    lots of stuff, to keep oneself engaged besides the things that are played.

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    In the current context I recommend a read by Hal Galper:

    JazzImprov Magazine Interview | Hal Galper

    Edit: In case you don't know the mentioned Chick Corea article, you'll find it here:

    Chick Corea article - The Myth of Improvisation | The Gear Page
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    Quote Originally Posted by Filmosound 621
    my favorite video ... clave guy to the very left ...
    If you can learn to move like those folks move to that kinda rhythm you'll be a living, breathing clave. You won't be wasting one iota of energy on something as boring counting in your head. And that applies to more than just Cubano!

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    see "tresillo" in wiki..
    all the "clave" and rhythm theory talk is pontificating

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    Quote Originally Posted by rintincop
    see "tresillo" in wiki..
    all the "clave" and rhythm theory talk is pontificating
    Yeah, there's a real air of self importance in my video when I say "im not an authority on anything, this isn't a lesson, just an observation. "

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    Dammit Jim! I'm a guitarist, not a musicologist!

    My only experience with clave was playing the instrument occasionally in a latin music outfit from about '72 to '78. We didn't have Wiki back then. The percussionist taught us. He called the rhythms clave and reverse clave. I liked playing a-go-go on batucada better.

    Side-note: I talked to Ray Barreto's bass player about how to get our guy to play with the right feel. He described what he was doing as creating the feeling of swimming upstream against the flow. I liked that.

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    Learning rhythms is fun, and will help you get more mileage out of what you already do.

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