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    Hi all,

    Not sure this is the right forum to ask since it's not specifically jazz, although I think a lot of people here probably have a lot of experience with improvisation.
    I've never been really good with improvisation, but I do have some basic understanding and ability to improvise.
    Right now I'd like to focus on it every day, because I really enjoy the ride to learn this.

    I'm personally interested in more advanced and fusion related playing like this:

    For example on 0:40 in that YouTube clip, that's something that interests me.
    Sounds like he's playing a few seconds one fret too high on purpose to get that tension.
    I'd like to understand how I should see this from a theoretical perspective and how I can put things like that in my playing.

    Now my question is do you know any good books that explain some theory or show how I can play certain things?
    I'm especially interested in the more complex way to break out of the standard ii-V-I Ionian-dorian-mixolydian playing where we're actually just playing the same notes from one scale.
    I'm able to play scales such as all the modes, pentatonic scales and blues scales.
    I'm ok with using them but still have to work on them for sure.

    One thing that's on the list to learn is the diminished WH and HW scales to accompany the diminished chords.

    Any good tips for books is highly appreciated.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Ben Eunson is a great player.I think this will be great for you: