Feeling stuck?
Struggling to get the theory off the page and into your ears and fingers?
Just looking for something new to sink your teeth into to expand the way you're thinking about and hearing melody and harmony?

I recently launched a 'Lite' version for my melodic triads study group. It's free and comes with our 'Intro to Melodic Triads' course as well as sample videos/PDFs from other courses on triad voice leading for jazz improvisation, how to develop bebop and modern jazz vocabulary with triads, how to stop comping the exact same real book changes chorus after chorus, the bird blues, and more.

No "free trial period" and then you get auto whatevered. No entering your credit card to access. Just trying to share some practice ideas and info with anyone who's interested. Create an account, and you're in.

Melodic Triads Study Group Lite
Melodic Triads Approach Lite-melodic-triads-approach-lite-png

If you run into any problems signing up, or if you get in and have questions about any of the materials, I'm happy to answer any questions.