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    Alrighty kids, it's time to get weird. We now know how to deal with all of the main chord families as well as standard progressions, so let's add some spice.

    This month we're throwing altered tensions into the mix. GF starts us off with the b9 and #9 over the dominant chord, eventually including the b13 as well. No new tune this month, so this is a great opportunity to dig deeper into some of those standards from previous chapters that you've been neglecting.

    There's never been a better time to take our mind off current world events... so let's do this.
    Fewell's Melodic Approach - Ch. 11 (Altered Tensions)-thumbs-cover-rubric-jpg


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Thanks, Jay. I haven't been neglecting any of the previous chapters, though: I practice ii-V-Is over Tune Up daily for example.

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    On the other hand I have been neglecting this book. Thinking about starting it again, soon... I'm sure I can get back to where I was reasonably quickly, but maybe that's the wrong strategy. I need to ingrain things and that can take a long time. But nevertheless you may see some videos popping up in old threads...