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    Hi there fellas, I have to confess that I did not listen to John much in the past 20 years, a bit more when I was younger but right now he hit me hard with some of those performances I found on youtube so I would like to open this thread to share exercises, chords, scales, permutations, repertory, anything you guys know or have, please, about John´s style.
    I have watched his instructional video about modal permutations, sounds a bit like Hanon but with modes and interesting pattern displacements, but when he plays, specially with the bigbox, DeFrancesco... he sounds more swingy and bebopy to me.

    Cheers guys!


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    Well he played a lot of post-bop in the 90s, which was great. His playing really matured and evolved through the 90s and continues... Of course, he doesn't play bop like Joe Pass or Wes, but neither does George Benson for that matter.

    He plays his own way. I think his improv course is the best way to understand his approach. I'm not certain if the DVD technology still works with MS Windows though.

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    Some useful resources here:

    johnmclaughlintranscribed - transcriptions