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    Hi there fellas, what funky year right? Well... I havent played guitar at all for 7 months, now Im trying to put the pieces all together again and I feel kinda stuck, Im trying to improve my ears singing intervals, chords, arpeggios, scales, melodies... all that, I hope that helps me in the long run, feeling pretty loopy with that too so Im open to talk mo about it, if you guys could please share some exercises would be great.
    But Im a bit more worried about my timing/groove/pocket, I think that one suffered the most for this past year doing nothing specially those seven months, would be really helpful if you could share some exercises to do with the metronome, loops, etc... in order to get a more solid time in genera and swing feel too.

    Im gonna share this playlist with some of my impros, most are a year old, the long bluesy one is 8 years old so you can see more or less how I sound and be more specific on what I should practice in order to improve my prasing, I have lost my job so I got plenty of time now...


    Chord Tone Impro - All the things you are - YouTube


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    I like some of the phrases quite a bit, even if they alternate with a bit choopy-sounding ones in a couple of places.
    Still, it is inspiring, I'm gonna try and take similar approach myself.

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    Thanks mate, what u mean by choopy-sounding? sorry Im from Spain :-)

    Are you talking about the chord tone solo video or in general?

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    no one?

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    Sorry about your job. I hope things turn around for you. I'd like to offer advice, but my computer won't let me hear your clip.
    It says the connection is not private. In any case,

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    Thanks citizenk74 , you cant play those videos?
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    No one? Id love to talk about phrasing, articulation, etc.. cause Id love to improve that.

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    I recommend Snidero's easy Jazz Conception for Guitar, to help you with groove/time and phrasing.

    Easy Jazz Conception: Guitar: Guitar Book & CD

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    Thanks GTRMan, have you listened to my videos? any particular exercise?

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    OK. Yes I just listened and I understand the "choppy" reference above now.

    A standard practice - for improv skill building - is to play "etudes" in steady 8th notes. After building skill with that (note choice, time feel, smooth phrasing), then start syncopating more.

    Does that make sense?

    I can recommend some good etudes or you can write your own. I recommend both.

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    Makes sense but the problem is that I lack swing or feel? or melody sense? I still dont get choppy, sorry Im from Spain :-)


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    It would be easier to assess if some variables were removed.

    Can you upload another vid where you play just the head to either of the following tunes by Wes?:

    • Tear It Down
    • Sundown

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    Hey I love Wes, I will learn those tunes for sure!

    Have you seen all my videos on that playlist or just the first one?

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    I just checked out the others and they cover a lot of styles. What are you going for/what do you really want to focus on/improve? Is it jazz or another style? (and by jazz I mean "Straight Ahead" jazz, not funk/jazz or jazz/rock or smooth jazz etc).

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    Id say smooth jazz and improve phrasing, swing feel and melodic sense.
    I do things like singing intervals, triads, chords, scales, etc... practice with the click on 2-4... but I need to connect the dots, I dont want to imitate anyone, I actually listen more to piano and horn players than guitarists... hope this helps. :-)

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    Well, Wes is a good place to start, Benson too. Play a few heads first and see how that works for you. If you like smooth jazz, Lee Ritenour released an album called Wes Bound some years ago that you might want to check out.

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    Oh man I love Lee, I was listening to one of his live shows today, love Wes and Benson too, will try to play those heads and nail their articulation, that will help for sure!
    Have a nice weekend, stay blessed

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    I listened to your improv. Your quarter notes are all staccato. I would vary with legato. Also your phrases all convey a similar almost indifferent state of mind. And the pauze between phrases is the same. Maybe try an exclamation, a question, something timid, something assertive. Skip a few quarter notes. But are you in love with the song? Maybe the song is not inspiring. Or maybe you need something in a different part of your life to get out of the rut?
    All this in full respect of your skills. I’m a pianist and quite a beginner on guitar. Although when I heard an online teacher go on and on about the strange and dissonant sound of a 9 played over a minor triad I couldn’t stop laughing. Btw any other Stanley Jordan fans here?

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    Thanks Eck, my dad plays piano and I listen almost everyday to Peterson, Evans, Herbie... plus Im doing all this Hanon exercises too, the 60 ones book, really helpful, different way of moving fingers.

    I get the stacato thing, I was thinking about it these days, I used to play bass a lot and Jaco was my main influence and sometimes I hear that in my guitar playing so Im practicing playing quarter notes with the click at 20 bpm... hard as hell, trying to not rush it plus holding it...

    About the pause, interesting, thats what I wanted, I cant realize that myself, is like when you think you lost weight and 2 months later your friend tells you... hey man you are getting big... LOL

    Any phrasing exercise you do on piano that might be helpful?

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    Funny I never played Hanon. Have you tried Dohinyani? I hadn’t played piano for weeks and before that only a tiny bit of my own pop songs and Dohinyani. And my fingers still worked really well. Although i messed up chords haha. So for guitar I would love an equivalent but what...
    For phrasing I would play a slow song I really totally love. My favourite for that is New Orleans from Carmichael but the way Gerry Mulligan plays it. To me phrasing is a mental exercise. Some songs -to me- have a stronger emotional-chordal connection. Sparring Partner by Paolo Conte. It works for me especially when I think of the lyrics.
    But my playing is not where my thinking is, my muscles are too painful and tired.

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    Choppy = staccato
    Smooth = legato

    You're obviously an accomplished guitarist from the older videos you have posted. I think all you need to do is spend more time playing the guitar. I can't imagine going 7 months without playing and attempting to get my chops back. My chops go down quickly if I don't play enough each day!

    Practice, play and enjoy

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    I agree with the advice to connect your notes together and play less staccato. Legato, I would say although guitarists often take that to mean hammer ons and pull offs. I mean it in the more general sense of - connect the last note to the next one as much as you can.

    basically, pay attention to the back ends of the notes.

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    Thanks guys, on funny question, how do you think cats like Wes or Hall used to practice? I guess those days in the 50s.... no books, no lessons, no videos, no academies... just ear training? transcribing? cheers