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    Playing the piano and teaching the kids.

    "One good melody is worth a thousand scales."


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Wynton is a musician of prodigious ability who has forgotten more music than I'll ever know in 100 lifetimes. His knowledge of jazz history is encyclopedic and he can "quote" any number of trumpeters with accuracy and reverence. Let's also honor his impeccable classical timbre and technique. And he's an engaging author as well. I'm afraid, however, that he lost me at W.C. Handy. That may be the "correct" starting point but I'd respectfully suggest it isn't the "right" one. Maybe a more appropriate "square one" would be T-Bone Walker. Also, blues is first and foremost "guitar music." That's the sound and feel of the blues. Some of the great blues pianists include Otis Spann, Lafayette Leake, Pinetop Perkins, the great Johnnie Johnson (Chuck Berry) and the immortal Sunnyland Slim. I must confess I don't hear blues tonality in Wynton's playing the way I do in Freddie Hubbard or Lee Morgan. So while his presentation was informed and cohesive I'm not sure he's the right instructor for Blues 101.

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    Man... dishin Wynton about playin the Blues. I loved it...nothing but the right feel and fun... Aren't you the guy who posted Take the A train.... come on man, what Tonalities are you talking about... your playing was cool... but... there wasn't any hint of Blue etc...

    Thanks for post Mark

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    buduranus..."... Also, blues is first and foremost "guitar music." That's the sound and feel of the blues..."

    its ONE of the sounds...the voice proceeds all instrumental attempts to convey the many emotional flavors of the blues and learning the basic chords and scales will not insure you can play the blues..

    I grew up watching Dr Billy Taylor-The Jazzmobile.. on a local TV show..it kindled my interest in jazz and music in general..He would "explain" some of the music and why the ear liked it

    Wynton has / had a radio show and did the same with more expanded history of the nature of the music..and again explained why the "ear" liked certain combinations of notes and so on..

    Just an observation on my part:

    today many young guitarists new to the instrument and music in general gravitate towards "speed" as the main goal of guitar playing..

    I ran into one "kid" breaking speed records on day .. and asked if he would like to jam a bit as I had my guitar and amp nearby..

    "well..I dont know any songs really..." so I suggested some blues In A...and he surprised me with..

    "I dont know any blues ..I dont even know how to play chords.."

    but good god..this kid sure could play fast...