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    Hello. I uplaoded a video with 4 phrases I improvised. I would like to know if this is correct phrasing... i mean if phrases are clear?


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    I'd appreciate more experienced members chiming in, too. Phrasing seems to me to be the "key" to actually sounding legit in a style, but beyond transcription, are there any practical steps to take in practice, so that one may become competent at this?

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    Feedback: The phrases sound like decent, short melodic statements which have some structure. I don't think you nailed the time.

    I believe that phrasing can only be fully evaluated in context -- meaning with harmony and rhythm.

    A phrase which works with one style may not work with another -- unless you adjust the rhythmic content.

    If the idea is to play some sort of solo performance using single string lines and no chords, well, I have no opinion about that sort of thing.

    Hope this helps.

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    Nothing wrong with the melodies, they sounded just fine!

    One thought, you may want to experiment with legato a bit more.

    my two cents.