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    I bet many improvisers have had this issue - getting to be comfy and safe with a tune but the same time develop some habits.. it can get repetitive and when even a little bit lazy, it's just not very exciting anymore. Here I only mean the practice room, when not going outside(literally) with the tune just yet.

    Now. Been encouraged to explore, it still is kinda mandatory to learn the "basic" simple chords first.. and only then try other ways.
    But I have the idea to record many crazy variants of the harmony and dig deep into the cool ones. Dig deep - practice with some of them as hard as with the basic ones. The keys/scales would be all the same as originals, just the backing track's chords would be way "out there". So, what could go wrong? Have you done something like that? Doesn't it screw up the feel&grip of the original harmony?

    I'll gonna try with one of those first.. maybe report back if anything nice comes out from it. But would be very curious of your experience with this matter.



    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Sound like a good idea to me

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    There was an Aebersold's play-along named something like "Tunes you thought you knew". But I remember just disliking it. Doing them myself is more fun. At least cannot blame anyone about not those working for me

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    I do that quite a Lot. Trying different cords based off the Root of each to see what each sounds like in the over all composition. But I dont do a lot of other peoples music any more. So I need to see which cords sound better in what I write or if using different cords and at different tempo's and time signature can change the over all sound of what I have written.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emanresu
    it's just not very exciting anymore!
    That only happens to me after I've already done it a hundred times, different speeds, maybe bossa, maybe waltz, reharmed it, chord melody, eccentric out versions... then it can lose its appeal.

    But only for a time. By then I've forgotten everything I did before, or didn't like it enough, so I'll do it again. And maybe again :-)

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    I find players that overdo the reharm thing really annoying to listen to...

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    don't forget the fact that you can add a ton of interest to simple harmony by focusing on movement rather than voicings

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    Quote Originally Posted by princeplanet
    I find players that overdo the reharm thing really annoying to listen to...
    I'm not gonna take it all out to real gigs. The sole reason was to not having to push myself out from the comfort zone but to have the chords do that. So far, I had time to do just one of those. And gosh, I almost ignore the new harmony and play on the well learned paths

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    Example Bluesette's

    note: not to be nice/witty/hip reharmonization. Just to throw off from the familiar path but still keep the scales. Only to be deliberately awkward, illogical and unpredictable.
    It's hard to play at first. But surely not impossible. Still no idea if this really helps or not. Just curious, thats all.
    Playing the melody sorta indicates that there is a chord missing from the sheets.

    Am7 Am7 CM7 B7harm
    GM7 GM7 F#m7b5 B7harm

    Bm7 A7 FM7 G7
    Em7 A7 Dm7 G7

    Am7 Am7 Am7b5 F7
    CM7 CM7 Cm7 F7

    Gm7 Gm7 DbM7 Eb7
    BbM7 BbM7 Bbm7 Eb7

    Fm7 Fm7 CM7 F#m7b5
    AbM7 AbM7 Am7 D7

    Bm7 Bb7 Am7 D7
    Bm7 Bb7 Am7 D7