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    FYI, Riccardo Chiarion has published a few etudes which I think are very nice.

    Jazz Guitar Etude #4 - Someday My Prince Will Come - Riccardo Chiarion - Blog


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Yeah those are nice, but they look like transcribed improvised solos, or transcribed simple improvised solos. One can use them as etudes though. A number of people have done/still do that. Good idea.

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    Yes, I suppose not so much a technical study but more like musical study. So simple, yet sounds so good and if we study the "composition" of the solo we find out that he's using only a few simple concepts. At least that is the case on the first page I read through this morning. Which is wonderful because what Riccardo is playing has an immediate visceral appeal which is a characteristic good music in any genre. In my opinion!