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    Hi All,

    I been hearing about this topic “Inflections”
    from a old friend but he's too busy to talk

    What is this ?
    And can this apply to all music styles or is this just for Jazz?


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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    The word means to bend or change, both in speech and music. Musically it means a note is bent, stretched, or distorted in some way. It also refers to pitch (lowness or highness), volume and tone. In a jazz context it would probably apply more to the saxophone than guitar. Other instruments can change their notes too, of course. Pianos can't.

    Sax players can 'bend' their notes and refer to the technique as inflection. Guitar players can also bend notes, of course, but they generally just call it bending!

    Apart from a musical context, inflection usually refers to speech. It's the particular way a person talks, if you like. A person whose voice goes up and down a lot or has a distinctive way of articulating their words, is said to speak with an inflection - which isn't the same as an accent.

    So not just jazz but often applied to jazz. Quite a few instructional jazz sax websites deal with inflection. But you better check with your friend to see what he was actually talking about.

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    dyslexia is fun, I read 'Jazz Infections'. Thought there is no vaccine for that!

    Carry on

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    Inflections are some of the things applied to different styles of music to help make them more authentic, or personal. Certainly it is very obvious in singing vocals, as you can hear the different vocal inflections between country, r&b, jazz, folk, gospel, etc. Of course it applies to the articulation of playing instruments in different styles also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hep To The Jive View Post
    dyslexia is fun, I read 'Jazz Infections'. Thought there is no vaccine for that!

    Carry on
    "I got the rockin' pneumonia, I need a shot o' rhythm and blues...."
    Best regards, k

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    Jazz can never be cured, only managed

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    Ghosted grace notes are a pianist's inflections.
    Studied privately with Mark Levine from 1986-1989 and with Barry Harris 1990-1992.