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    i brought in the ketu candomble ( the religious afro brazilian rhythms and dance that use sticks )codes in the history of jazz evolution thread , and , it blows my mind how much it hooks up with that histroy.

    now , i am using official sticking of the "pi" and "le" and bell , to aply to backbeat culture on the drum set . its playing with real people who play the atabaque sometimes "rumming" , the solo part , sometimes the pi and le also with bell. and i put backbeat in it so you can hear how much is integrated into our culture's pop music.

    its hard to be a working musician and not encounter backbeat culture , rock, rhythm and blues, funk, hip hop, disco, electronic dance music etc

    but, not only for all musicians to see this to see how it works with grooves from the drums, i want all instruments , guitar for sure, to see what kind of killer grooves you could write over. groove is everything, and here are fresh ways to aproach the grooves we all know and love , and could be fantastic vehicles to write music over.

    man, these ketu grooves sure do perculate along , right?


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    here is the same music with tonal instruments on top

    koko bermejo on piano ( he is actualy a drummer) and tony cimorosi on bass

    i just sent them the stuff and didnt tell them what to play , they are great players so i wanted to see their reaction to these ketu candomble beats without direction . i wanted to see if players can just play over this with out having to know deep details about these beats, because i think they are the essence origins of lots of music we play anyway