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    Asking about Stablemates (Benny Golson).
    I need help like all the 2 5 its obvious for me, I'm talking bout all the special stuff:

    Em7 A7 (dor/mix), Ebm7 Ab7 (dor / mix ), dmaj7(ion), c7+ (mixb9b13/ alt)
    Abm7 (dor) , Db7 (mix), Gbmaj7 (lyd), Gm7b5(loc), C7 (mixb9b13/ alt)
    Fm7 (dor ) , B7#5#9#11 (?? ) ,
    Ebm7(dor), Ab7+ (mixb9b13/ alt), Dbmaj7(Ion).
    Fm7(dor), Gb7 (??), Gb7+ ( mixb9b13/ alt), C7(??) B7(??) A7(??)Ab7(??)

    I need help with everything that i wrote(??)

    thanks (btw not talking now about upper structure and stuff)


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    That's just F13 (with 9) chord. It's tritone substitution of B7. Altered scale (or lydian dominant up a tritone).

    C7(??) B7(??) A7(??)Ab7(??):
    Backcycling dominants that don't resolve into each other. I think it's best to just think mixolydian for each.

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    Hmmm I should do a Barry Harris style scale outline of this tune.

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    Em7 A7 = A Dominant
    Ebm7 Ab7 = Ab Dominant
    Dbmaj7 = Db Major
    G7#5 = Bb7 to the third of G7 although Abm6-dim is possibly more elegant....
    Abm7 Db7 = Db7 or Abm6-dim

    So the G7#5 Db7 are obv tritones for each other. Tbh I’d just do general dominant stuff here and resolve into Gb using the usual language stuff. Ab minor, melodic or otherwise, obviously works very well for both.

    Gb = Gb major
    Gm7b5 C7 = Eb7 down to the third of C7
    Fm7 Bb7 = Bb7
    Ebm7 Ab7 = Ab7

    The changes are actually pretty trad in the A section. Is a variation of this, really

    A7 Ab7 Db Db7
    Gb Go7 Db/Ab Bb7 Ebm7 Ab7

    Pretty Dixieland.

    B section is both more self explanatory and also a lot harder lol.

    I’ll show how a proper scale outline works - it’s how you play the scales as well as what they are

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