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    lets hold ourselves up to high standards of improvisation

    lets quantify leval of swing and improvisation , building solos , holding monster grooves

    this is another thing i have , a video from a tv show, with dr lonnie smith and richie hart

    playing with these guys , stamped on my being , levals and depths of swing and how to improvise , and feeling and intuition


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Wow! Brilliant playing.

    Whenever I start thinking I sound pretty good, I see a video like this and I realize I'm nowhere.

    Richie Hart, why have I never heard of him? A monster guitarist.

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    thought free and guitar buddy, yes, he teaches out of berklee, he must drive up to give classes or its on line , i dont know...

    yes, there are huge numbers of great players that we dont get to hear , on all instruments . which makes me question the whole history of jazz. how did we really get the history? basicly hype from each record company ? all the people in their back pockets only talk about their artists ? arnt most leaders who got recognition good at dealing with business? arnt a huge amount left behind because they arent agresive enough to push against business to get a space?

    isnt the "jazz world " cronyism now? its not good capitalism , capitalism is suposed to make money , right? its cronyism...who is making the little money out there put in by corporate sponcers of festivals etc? record sales are 0.something, the lowest , who is making the little money out there? festival promoters? blue chip jazz critics? radio getting corporate or comercial money ( they are usualy public radio anyway)? it aint many musicians that is for sure, hahahaha

    thoughtfree, one thing about richies playing, its all out front ,no mystery where he is coming from , so, if you are a good player, i know you can pick up some great stuff from this clip ....the dr is no joke either , talk about reaching in for intuition and emotion , and how his spirit is even more in charge than a physical limitation like a cast on his hand...hahaha ive seen elvin do it too , hahahah guts.commitment , profesionalism

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    Never heard of this guy , that's some burning playing , also +1 for white shoes/trousers/tie combo

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    Great guitar playing, also impressive playing by the good doctor with his arm in a plaster cast!

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    thanks for commenting on the youtube , pycroft and grahambop

    yeah the clothes, haha it was the early 80's play the gig and then go to the disco...the dr has his outfit too , ala dineiro in taxi driver with this plaster cast hahahaha...and man,in a cast , i cant beleive it to this day, to be honest

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    i have tremendous respect for all styles of guitar

    i have been blessed to have been on the stage or in the studio with sonny sharrok , john scofeild ( was subbing for barry finnerty on my first gig in new york with alex foster and micheal wolff ) , pete cosey , mike stern ( i doubt both these guys would remember me, stern came down to where i live in brazil with chambers and didnt remember the 55 grand gig i did for eric eudel and james beard with him, but he was super nice to me hahahaha) , henry johnson, phill upchurch ,ryo kawasaki , jimmie ponder ( one of the best) , bruce whitcomb, bruce dunlap , buzzy feiton ( in a very troubled first tour of the minnie ripperton perfect angel band that didnt end well for me hahahah) and a bunch i cant think off the top of my head , and i have the deepest of respects for most of these guys

    and richie hart is as good as any one of them in his own way